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Magical Way Reiki Angels Sent Me a Message

By August 25, 2016April 26th, 2017Reiki

I just taught Spirit Reiki II to 6 amazing women this past weekend. A few were a little hesitant, shy, not quite believing in themselves and their ability to share the Reiki energy and own their psychic gifts.

The attunements on Sat. a.m were more powerful than usual and I thought, ‘Ohhhh, this is going to be quite a workshop! At the end of our time together on Sat., I told them all to be aware of messages sent to them by their spirit guides and angels that evening/night/Sunday morning. Of course that applied to me too!

On Sunday a.m., I was listen to KBCO, Sunday Morning Sunrise, more mellow tunes than usual. I caught the words ‘angel; healing through your hands’ and my mouth dropped open in disbelief.

I had to check the radio station to see if I was really listening to KBCO, not one of my alternative stations. Indeed, it was KBCO! Fortunately they said the singer’s name, John Hiatt. So I immediately googled him and found the song and lyrics.

To me, this song was written for Reiki healing hands! It was a validation for me as a Reiki teacher and for my students. I played it for them and we were all in tears, so full of gratitude!

It says it all! I included the link to the song if you want read and listen.

“Through Your Hands” 

You were dreaming on a park bench

‘Bout a broad highway somewhere

When the music from the carillon

Seemed to hurl your heart out there

Past the scientific darkness

Past the fireflies that float

To an angel bending down

To wrap you in her warmest coat

And you ask, “What am I not doing?”

She says “Your voice cannot command.

In time, you will move mountains,

And it will come through your hands.”

Still you argue for an option

Still you angle for your case

Like you wouldn’t know a burning bush

If it blew up in your face

Yeah, we scheme about the future

And we dream about the past

When just a simple reaching out

Might build a bridge that lasts

So whatever your hands find to do

You must do with all your heart

There are thoughts enough

To blow men’s minds and tear great worlds apart

There’s a healing touch to find you

On that broad highway somewhere

To lift you high

As music flying

Through the angel’s hair.

Don’t ask what you are not doing

Because your voice cannot command

In time we will move mountains

And it will come through your hands

Homework: Be extra vigilant this week on the creative ways your spirit guides and angels send you messages to support the manifestation of your intentions. Your job is then to interpret what the symbolic meaning is. These are just some examples of ways they send messages:

  • vivid dreams: record them
  • nature; animals doing something unusual
  • songs
  • feathers or coins validate your angels are with you
  • a voice you hear in your head or a vision
  • number sequences you keep seeing and the list goes on!

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About the photo:  the night sky in the Australian Outback

Let your divine shine.