Helen’s Story and Studies

Are you trying to express your unique self in this world? Helen is passionate about helping people access who they really are, their soul purpose. 

As a Reiki Master and Spiritual Alchemist, Helen works with you, soul to soul. She sees your spirit and then helps you truly see yourself: glorious, vibratory, sensitive, divine energy. Through spiritual healing together, wholeness is restored to parts that have become fragmented. 

Over the past 8 years, Helen has helped so many find their path, the vision they have yearned for as they embrace their authentic self. 

Distance healings allow people living in remote or conservative areas to access this amazing energy too.

Helen's studies:

•   Studied Usui Reiki in the Australian Outback to become a Reiki Master

•   Studied at Psychic Horizons Center for 2.5 years and completed: How to Heal Yourself, the 1 year clairvoyant program, the 1 year Graduate Program: 1-3 month courses on spiritual topics and Animal Communication

•   Became a Reiki Master/Teacher in Sept. 2013 in Alice Springs, Australia

•   Teaching Spirit Reiki workshops on a regular basis for 3 years

•   Studied with cacao shaman in Guatemala in 2016

•   I began my training as a Shamanic practitioner in September 2012, completing Lower World Journey, Power Animals and Helping Spirits with Gwilda Wiyaka at Path Home Shamanic Arts School

•   In Jan. 2014, I completed my 3rd year of a 4 year Vision Quest in Colombia

•   Studied Bach Flower Remedies in Santiago, Chile

•   Masters in ESL (English as a second language)

•   Bachelor in Elementary Education and Spanish

•   Trilingual: English, Spanish and French

•   Member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals


Helen’s Story

In my mid 30’s, while living and teaching in Chile, I had major, lower back pain, terrible digestion and very low energy. Reiki was my saving grace, bringing me great relief. It helped me so much that I decided to study it after moving to the Australian Outback. I was a kindergarten teacher at a Waldorf school during the week and submerged myself in Reiki on the weekends.

During my time in the Red Center, I was exposed to some of the Aboriginal cultures and traditions. The Aboriginals refer to a clan’s set of beliefs or spirituality as ‘Dreamtime’. My Dreamtime, my spiritual path, came to light through Reiki and meditation retreats to the sacred Aboriginal lands of Uluru (Ayers Rock).

As I studied and practiced more and more Reiki, my spiritual journey began to expand as well as my intuitive and psychic abilities. Walking in the bush one day, I received a very clear message that I had to move to Boulder, Colorado after I’d spent 17 years abroad. I wasn’t at all happy with this idea to say the least. My plans were to move back to Chile.

However, I’m thrilled I listened to Spirit. I’ve been here for 8 years and understand now why I was guided to this amazing town. It’s the perfect place to develop and be supported as a healer as well as to have many clients who desire powerful, alternative, healing modalities. I am grateful. It’s a real blessing to be here.


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Helen Knight

Reiki Master & Spiritual Alchemist