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Love of Chocolate,

Bring on the Ceremonial Cacao!

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sipping a cup of hot, creamy ceremonial cacao (aka chocolate), surrounded by a supportive, compassionate, kind, cacao pride of people.

What is a Cacao Ceremony?

Love • Healing • Inspiration & Creativity • Connection • Inner knowingness • Magic & Miracles • Optimism • Bliss

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We come together in ceremony to heal, gain clarity, make new friends, feel supported in community, be nurtured, feel the bliss and co-create with Spirit for the fulfillment of our intentions.

Ceremonial cacao is potent, heart medicine that helps you expand self-love and bond with others in a more loving way.

Do you want to strengthen your connection to your Higher-Self, Source, Spirit, Divinity, Goddess/God? Let the ceremonial cacao do its magic, amping up this connection as well as expanding gratitude, mindfulness, and passion.

With ceremonial cacao streaming through your body, your Creativity and Inspiration are on natural steroids!

Ceremonial cacao unlocks your 3rd eye to access your inner knowingness, wisdom and mental clarity. Get your journal ready to jot down all the amazing guidance you receive.

Stresses and worries go by the wayside as the ceremonial cacao encourages you to get more in tune with your positive, optimistic side, especially if you are going through challenges.

Cacao is a feminine power that helps you feel joy again. Life is meant to be full of zeal!

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Cacao Ceremonies Meet You

Amplify everyone’s capacity to fully Receive the Infinite abundance of the universe.

Cacao Ceremony for Kids

Letting kids experience being in ceremony, having fun, receive the guidance, love, support from Spirit, the community and friends can be very profound.

They set their intention, a gift they’d like to receive ie: make new friends, meet their power animal, happiness, love, have more fun, let their creativity abound.

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Private Ceremonies

Just for you and your guests. Celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday, wedding or anniversary or support another’s healing process.

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Plant Medicine Ceremonies

As people all over the world begin or continue to awaken, plant medicines are a perfect tool in assisting in this process. The New Earth is in the process of being birthed, with humanity evolving to much greater levels of consciousness. What better way to be supported and nourished than through plant medicines!


Chocolate is the Food of the Goddesses and Gods

The Mayans and Aztecs drank ceremonial cacao to connect to and receive guidance with their goddesses and gods. We are doing the same in connecting with our spirit teams and inner wisdom.

The Mayans held an annual festival to honor the cacao god Ek Chuah. The cacao tree was one of the ancient Maya and Aztec’s most prized. Cacao was the drink of choice, enjoyed by those who were specially chosen to enjoy its benefits.

Ceremonial cacao was used avidly for medicinal, healing and preventative reasons too.

About Our Ceremonial Cacao of Choice: MAYANA

MAYANA is a proud ambassador of fair trade farmers in Soconusco, Mexico. Cacao originated in this region with rich biodiversity, where wild cacao trees have been cultivated for millennia by the Maya.

MAYANA offers Origin Cacao, a native variety that produces “fine and flavor” beans -the highest grade beans- which are the scarcest and most highly regarded for their complex flavor and aroma. Our offering includes Origin Cacao Beans Whole, Origin Cacao Nibs, Origin Cacao Liquor (Paste), and snack-sized Raw Cacao Beans.

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Cacao Ceremony Flow

Intention Setting

Get clear on what you’d like the cacao medicine and the ceremonial, magical energy to help you with.

Examples of Intentions

What others think of me is none of my business.

I embrace self-compassion and self-love.

Adios to perfectionism. I embrace the perfection in the imperfection.

I meet my fabulous, new, romantic partner.

I honor my highly sensitive self.

I stop people pleasing and have full permission to please myself.

I totally forgive my friend who betrayed me.

I have clarity on my life purpose.

I stop being a doormat and take care of myself.

I manifest an amazing, new job that fulfills me on all levels.

I am crystal clear on my next step.

I am oozing with creativity and feel so inspired about my project.

I feel my bliss.

Group Intention

Helen also sets a group intention to be supported by the magical energy, benefiting everyone.

Guided Meditation

Off we go into a guided meditation to get grounded and centered. Ceremonial songs, drumming, toning (vibrational, sound healing) and deep trance follows suit.

Shamanic Journey – Where the Magic Happens

The ceremonial cacao goes with you, heart-to-heart, hand-in-hand, on your shamanic journey. It is like an interactive dream, where all your senses are in play. You’ll learn unexpected things, experience spiritual growth, receive guidance and healing for the fulfillment of your intention.

Beauty of Ceremony

There is a huge PLUS in coming together as a group, in community, as friends, in sacred ceremony. A powerful, magical, vortex is created by our energies that coalesce. Through Helen’s spirit guides, angels, and power animals, a powerful frequency comes through for your healing and our healing as a collective. Spirit channels through, exponentially amplifying the healing and manifesting energies for everyone.

Welcome to All Spiritual Levels

Beginners to advanced all benefit. Doing a cacao ceremony with a friend and/or partner is lots of fun. Bring them along!

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