For the Love of Chocolate, bring on the Sacred Cacao!

What is a Cacao Ceremony?

Cacao Ceremony is drinking delicious, hot cacao (chocolate), lying on a comfortable mat for a guided meditation, listening to sacred singing and the beat of a ceremonial drum - while being connected to like-minded friends and community.

All of this creates a magical, sacred space to do our  ‘inner work’. As we begin to experience the heart opening effect of the cacao, we access more love deep within, and the shamanic journey beings. Into a deep trance state we go. We connect with Spirit through our guides, angels and power animals. Through this interactive dream they help facilitate healing, creativity, clarity, awareness and inner knowing.

 'Chocolate is the food of the goddesses and gods.'

The Maya and Aztecs used cacao in sacred ceremony to connect with their gods, goddesses and spirits. The Maya held an annual festival to honor the cacao god Ek Chuah. The cacao tree was one of the ancient Maya and Aztec’s most prized and chocolate was the drink of choice, enjoyed by those who were specifically chosen to enjoy its benefits.

Chocolate was used avidly for medicinal, healing and preventative reasons. Historical texts contain an enormous list of medical uses for chocolate - among them are increased sexual appetite, fertility and abetted longevity, as well as improved energy, reduced fever and asthma, and having an overall calming affect.


Come with an intention or question that you would like to receive guidance and/or healing on.

IMPORTANT TO READ: if you are taking anti-depressants, anti-anxiety or have heart issues:

SSLRs often found in anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds, clash with an element in cacao, leading to a migraine if you drink the full ceremonial amount. Please join us but ask for just a small amount.  Cacao also speeds up the heart rate so if you have heart issues, please ask for just a small amount.

What to know & bring:

You will be lying down for a while so it’s best to be comfortable.

  • Yoga mat, blankets, air mattress and pillows.
  • Water
  • Pen
  • Eye cover i.e.: scarf or small towel
  • Journal, if you wish
  • Sacred objects, if you wish
  • Eat a light lunch


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March 24th, 2018


2:30-5:30 pm

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