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Your Sensitivity


Your Unique Gifts


Your Authentic You

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Spiritual Awakening Support for

Highly Sensitive People

Whether you’re just discovering you are an HSP/Empath, aren’t sure, or know you are but really wish you weren’t, Dreamtime Healings is here to help, support and guide you to come into You; to feel safe to honor and embrace your Amazing sensitivity, and the gifts and magic that lay within!

The Unique Essence of Dreamtime Healings

A blend of Spirit Reiki, Plant Medicine Ceremonies with Integration Coaching, Light Language (sound healing for soul activation), Shamanic Practices and Channeled Messages from your Guides, all assist in your healing, transformation, truth, creation, trust, and empowerment. The integration of all these alchemizes your mystical essence to help you confidently embody self-love, being seen and heard, and being ALL of you, including the delightful sensitive You.

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Di scover Your Most Radiant Sel f

Plant Medicine Retreats

Plant medicine ceremonies have been around for 100,000s of years, helping heal, awaken and access higher levels of consciousness. They accelerate your spiritual growth and evolution.
They are divine teachers. The intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, and healing they impart, never ceases to amaze.
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Integration Transformation- Plant Medicine Ceremonies

All too often, integration after a plant medicine ceremony is overlooked. It’s left out of the equation completely. If you are new to this realm, you might think it’s not necessary.

Although it may be considered optional, it truly is a MUST to reap the full benefits of your journey. This where the transformation really happens.

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Spirit Reiki Healing

We create a sanctuary so you can let go of anxiety, confusion, lack of trust, people pleasing, dimming your light and so much more. Experience the alchemy of your essence pave the way for healing, growth, self-empowerment and self love.

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Hello from Dreamtime Healings Founder

Helen Knight

Hello and blessings, I am Helen Knight, a Healer, Medicine Woman, Intuitive, Reiki Master/Teacher, Integration Coach and founder of Dreamtime Healing.
I am based in Taos, New Mexico and Boulder, Colorado, offering a diverse range of healing modalities; with over 15 years experience as a healer. 
I guide individuals on their transformative journeys through Plant Medicine and Cacao Ceremonies, Spirit Reiki, and Integration Coaching into becoming YOU, without the facades, stories, shame, fear; proudly being YOU.
I have become a guiding force in the field of plant medicine integration. Countless individuals have experienced deep healing and transformation under my guidance in ceremony and then during the integration post ceremony to fully live all the divine insights.
Being an empath myself, I love supporting highly sensitive people and empaths to embrace their sensitivity as a gift rather than a curse. Together we create acceptance and understanding on how you can better love that part of yourself and let it be of service to you and others.

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In your session, you will have the space to tell Helen about your unique path, what you’d like to let go of, heal and manifest. With the alchemy of the healing energies that Helen brings through, you intentions begin to manifest.

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Working with Helen can assist you to:

Leave anxiety behind and become peaceful and grounded

Quiet the inner critic as you become loving and gentle with yourself

Truly learn the art of receiving, knowing that you are all deserving

Heal and reclaim yourself after leaving a narcissistic relationship

No more being the doormat as you learn to hold healthy boundaries

Adios to lack of self-love. Yes to ’I love me and I’m worthy.’

Release depression as you discover your sense of purpose

Release the need for external validation and believe in your amazing-ness

Confidently learn to speak your truth

Overcome and heal Social Anxiety, Addiction, Stress and/or PTSD

Adios people pleasing! Full permission to please yourself, guilt free

Accept, honor and embrace your sensitivity as a true gift

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