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Magical Manifestation Powers

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Spiritual Awakening Support for

Highly Sensitive People

Whether you’re an empath, a people pleaser, or feel completely overwhelmed, Dreamtime Healings is here to help you come back to your center, feel safe to embrace your sensitivity, and accept yourself for who you are and to share your gifts.

The Unique Essence of Dreamtime Healings

A blend of Spirit Reiki, Cacao Heart Medicine, Ritual, and Psychic Insights that is in each of our offerings, allows for healing, transformation, creation, truth, and empowerment.  The integration of all these alchemizes your mystical essence to help you courageously embrace self-love/compassion, confidence, and the Joy of simply being You.

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Di scover Your Most Radiant Sel f

Thriving Empath/HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) Mentorship

Receive support, guidance, and healing like you’ve never experienced before, to help you go from a struggling HSP/Empath, who really dislikes your sensitivity, to seeing it as your SUPERPOWER, because it is!

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Plant Medicine Ceremonies

They have been around for 100,000s of years, helping heal, awaken and access higher levels of consciousness. it accelerates your spiritual path.

The intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, and healing they impart, never ceases to amaze me.

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Spirit Reiki Healing

Together we find solutions and understand soul lessons. We can address any issue/subject: relationships, career, family, health and life purpose to bring about healing, personal transformation and evolution of your spirit.

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Hello from Dreamtime Healings Founder

Helen Knight

As a healer, shamaness/medicine woman, Reiki Master, Reiki teacher, energy coach, and spiritual alchemist, Helen Knight helps you discover the fabulous you through a variety of healing modalities.

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In your session, you will have the space to tell Helen about your unique path, what you’d like to let go of, heal and manifest. With the alchemy of the healing energies that Helen brings through, you intentions begin to manifest.

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Working with Helen can assist you to:

Leave anxiety behind and become peaceful and grounded.

Quiet the inner critic as you learn to believe in yourself.

Truly learn the art of receiving, knowing that you are all deserving.

Heal and reclaim yourself after leaving a narcissistic relationship

No more being the doormat as you learn to hold healthy boundaries.

Adios to lack of self-love. Yes to ’I love me and I’m worthy.’

Release depression as you discover your sense of purpose.

Release the need for external validation and know that you are enough.

Courageously learn to speak your truth.

Overcome and heal Social Anxiety, Addiction, Stress and/or PTSD

No more people pleasing, please! Full permission to please yourself.

Accept, embrace and honor your sensitivity as a true gift.

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