Discover a life full of magic and miracles as you embrace your sensitive soul. Together, we’ll heal the hurts and access the your true gifts and purpose this life time. Dreamtime Healings is passionate about healing and revealing your true divine self. It’s all you need to become all you’ve ever wanted and more.


Meet Helen Knight

Reiki Master & Dreamtime Healings Founder

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As a Reiki Master, chocolate shaman, spiritual alchemist, intuitive and spiritual teacher, Helen Knight helps you discover your most radiant self through a variety of healing modalities. 

This uplifting, transformative energy can assist you to:

  • Understand and embrace your sensitivity as a trait and gift.
  • Leave anxiety and depression behind and confidently acknowledge the amazing being that you are.
  • Heal trauma or neglect and become your true self again.
  • Heal your heart and allow inner peace. 
  • Combat low self-love/worth and discover your sense of purpose.
  • Learn to  hold healthy boundaries.
  • Release the need for external validation.

Helen acknowledges the divine within

This is the place where you are really seen, allowing you to fully honor your sensitive soul, feel beautiful, lovable and whole. You remember who you are and what your unique purpose is on this earth, this lifetime. Helen helps you with self-acceptance, knowing that your true home is within yourself.

We offer post-healing support resources, as well as, Reiki and spiritual training courses. Before you know it, you’ll have the inspiration, courage, trust, self-confidence and sharp intuition that give voice to the real you. We leave out the 'hows' and allow the healing energy to give birth to the magic and miracles to manifest what you truly want. Your life will begin to thrive as you let the divine within shine.

Make your dream life happen
Start honoring your divine self, and watch miracles and magic unfold.
Receive powerful healings
Overcome patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you.
Access your psychic abilities
Learn how to evolve your gifts through Spirit Reiki workshops.


Did you know that Reiki is a powerful tool that any person can use to spread love and health to others in your life? Whether you want to become a Reiki Master or just use Reiki to heal yourself, family, friends, and even your pets, Reiki is all about sharing unconditional love and joy. Find out how you can share more Reiki in your life.

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