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Time to Play in Paradise!

By July 21, 2021Healing, Reiki

The energies that are coming in from all angles right now are very high vibration, lending themselves to help us create our paradise in our everyday life. Let’s make the most of these energies!

How do we do this? Simple!

  1. Give yourself 15-30 mins to be alone, no interruptions whatsoever.
  2. Put your phone on airplane mode
  3. Play some gentle meditation music without words.
  4. Get comfy and close your eyes.
  5. Now get creative.

Imagine yourself on a stunning beach, in a forest, in a tropical scene…go anywhere that makes your heart smile. Remember this is your paradise and you get to create it any way you wish.

Creating Your Paradise

Visualize as much detail as possible i.e.: beautiful flowers, huge trees, variety of animals, sunshine, a rainbow in the sky, lush grass, stunning snow-capped mountains, beauty at its best, etc.

  • See yourself with your beloved, looking lovingly into each other’s eyes.
  • See yourself being playful, skipping or running on the beach or meadow.
  • Dive into the blue ocean waters and play with the dolphins, sea lions and whales or running in the meadow with the horses.
  • If you desire excellent health, envision every cell in your body glowing with golden light.
  • Imagine yourself and feel the abundance in your life: gorgeous clothes, amazing food, friends coming to visit, beautiful community, etc.
  • Envision in this formless paradise anything that you want to create in the physical world.

This isn’t a once-a-week thing. It requires focus. That means visiting your paradise on a daily basis. Consistent focus and play to bring the fruits from the no physical plan, into the physical world.

Home Play

It’s fun and can make your heart sing with excitement.

Let it be your daily creative daydreaming experience and let the magic unfold!

Happy to support this through a Spirit Reiki Healing Session.

Photo by Helen Knight