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The Magical and Mysterious Ways Spirit Answers Our Prayers

Are you hearing, seeing, feeling and believing all the messages being sent your way from the Universe?

If you are reading this, you probably already know that awareness is the name of the game when you are on your spiritual path.

Messages from Spirit, in response to our prayers and intentions, come in so many magical ways. However we need to be alert, open and aware to receive them.

I have included these photos to show you an example of how creative Spirit can be with its delivery of messages. I asked in meditation for guidance about my direction within my work as a healer. I had an idea but I wasn’t sure if it was the way. I asked Spirit for a sign.

Well I got them via these 777s! Triple 7 means you are on the right path. Keep going!

The first one appeared in my odometer just as I was pulling into my driveway. I had seen 777 on my odometer but always out driving. This was the first time it turned 777 as I was arriving home.

The second one was presented to me on the same day as the odometer 777s but I ignored the initial message. This is what I mean about paying attention and being aware!

I spotted the dollar bill folded in four in the grass in a neighbor’s front garden. It was a very random place to spot a dollar bill. As I was putting it in my pocket, my guides told me to open it and look at the numbers on it. For some reason I didn’t at that moment.

So the next day, as I was having lunch, I hear the voice again, ‘Look at the numbers on the bill.’ This time I listened and almost cried when I opened it and saw the 777!

A few days later, after depositing a check via my phone app, I looked down and noticed yet another set of 777s!

You can’t make this stuff up!

– Home Play –

So this is a reminder to set your intentions.
Then pay attention and be aware of the magical, amazing ways Spirit brings its answers to you. 

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  • Learn how to use Reiki to strengthen your intentions and help bring them into manifestation
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Spirit Reiki 1 Workshop:  May 18-19, 2019

Some of the Benefits:

  • Gentle, loving, healing energy that all enjoy, including children, plants, and animals
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