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Early Valentine’s Gift

By February 7, 2019February 21st, 2019Cacao, Cacao Ceremonies, highly sensitive people/empaths, Reiki

Heart Opening Sound Healing

I was sitting here this morning asking Spirit what I should write about for this week’s newsletter
and then I heard, ‘Get your drum.’ After warming it up on the heater, its powerful beat reverberated though my room.

I was guided to sit in the sunshine on my sheepskin rug, hit the record button on my phone and then it just channeled in: beautiful drumming and toning. The drum beat sounds much like the heart beat. My heart warmed, swelled and expanded.

The message was to share this with my community to help with the heart opening energies. The more we lead from our heart, from love, the better things get.

– Home Play –

Receive this as an early Valentine’s gift!
Listening to this recording would be a great way to start your meditation. 

Click this link to access the recording.   

Upcoming Events & News       

On-line Cacao Ceremony~ February 10
People from anywhere in the world can join our sacred cacao ceremony via Facebook Live. This is PRIVATE. For more information and/or to register, here’s the link. 

Dreamtime Healings Reiki Share: February 21 ~ 6pm-8pm

  • This is open to all. You don’t have to be reiki trained to join us.
  • It’s a great space to make like-minded new friends.
  • Give and receive the amazing, healing reiki energy
  • Visit our Facebook event page or website, for more info.

Sacred Cacao Ceremony: Sunday, Feb. 24 ~ 11:15 am – 2:15 pm ~ Kelly’s Barn, Boulder, CO

  • Chocolate is love.
  • Cacao helps you get out of the head and come into your heart.
  • Being in ceremony exponentially amplifies the collective healing powers.
  • In the shamanic journey, you get the guidance, awareness, healing or love to help manifest your intention. 
  • Click HERE to learn more and/or to register. It fills up quickly- register soon!

Spirit Reiki 2 Workshop: April 13-14, 2019

This is a big step up from Spirit Reiki 1.

  • Learn 3 universal Reiki symbols to empower your reiki session and your life.
  • Learn to give distance healing so you can share Reiki to those that can’t come to you for a reiki session
  • Expand and grow your connection with your guides and angels
  • With the implementation of the 3 reiki symbols, give a Reiki session in just 20 mins.
  • Learn how to use Reiki to strengthen your intentions and help bring them into manifestation
  • Expand and develop your psychic abilities; clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience…
  • Transcend time and space to send Reiki to people and events in the past and future
  • Be attuned to a higher vibration
  • Click here to register

Spirit Reiki 1 Workshop:  May 18-19, 2019

Some of the Benefits:

  • Gentle, loving, healing energy that all enjoy, including children, plants, and animals
  • Learn to connect with your spirit guides
  • Learn to trust and act upon your intuition
  • Personal growth
  • Balances + aligns all the chakras to allow inner peace
  • Heightens our connection with our ‘higher-self’
  • Helps you find your true calling
  • to learn more, click here

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Join me as I share with you guidance about healing, positive energy, how to work through challenges, cacao, events, celebrations and so much more!

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