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Young and Awakening


with Helen Knight and Matilda Lerche

Welcome to Young and Awakening: a podcast for and about spiritually awakening teens.

This is the start of a huge vision to create a platform to support teenagers growth in awareness, self-love, self-confidence, connection, helping them feel seen and heard and a place that offers them spiritual guidance so they don’t feel like they are doing it alone, or going crazy!

Listen on YouTube or SoundCloud our interviews with adults and teens on lots of different topics to support the teens.

If you work with teens, want to work with them or are a teen yourself and have something exciting to share that would help other teens, please contact Helen or Matilda, the co-founders of Young and Awakening.

We would be delighted to learn more about you and interview you.

Support the Young & Awakening platform become a reality, to guide, support and empower the awakening teens by making a donation.