What are Weasel Words?

…Energy Thieves!

After reading the book Angel Words by Doreen Virtue, I’ve become very conscious of the words I use. Why? Just like us and everything around us, words have a vibrational energy too, some high and some low. For example:


Lower Vibrational Words:

  • tired, incredible, sh*t, war, worry
  • despair, disgusting, anxiety, rushed
  • awful, bad, complain, exhausted
  • hate, drained, fat, fear, grief, guilt



High Vibrational Words:

  • love, peace, flower, happy, cheerful
  • fabulous, amazing, excited, kisses
  • light, spiritual, meditation, trust, strength
  • wisdom, vacation, beautiful, blessing
  • celebration, attractive, cuddle


Here are common, everyday expressions that are low vibration but you can be creative and make them high vibration. For example:


Awfully nice of her. VS Awesome of her.

I’m open to criticism. VS I am open to positive feedback.

Kill 2 birds with one stone. VS Feed 2 birds with one hand.

I’m sick and tired of this. VS I am ready to change this.

Get over it. VS Release it.

Drop-dead gorgeous. VS Gorgeous!

Killing time. VS Enjoying life.


Homework: This week and beyond, try and become aware of your vocabulary.

  • Are you emanating high vibrations or low vibrations?
  • All swear words are very low vibrational energy.
  • Remember, the law of attraction is always at play so keep the thoughts and words as high and as positive as possible!
  • Be gentle with yourself in the beginning. It can take a bit of ‘retraining’ of the automatic responses.

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