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Thriving Empa t h


HSP Mentorship

Are you struggling with being a highly sensitive person?
Have you been shamed for it, told you are too much, too sensitive?
Do you feel misunderstood, alone, feel like a weirdo?
Do you get plowed over by other people’s energies and emotions?

I have clients who have come to me and didn’t even know they were an empath/HSP. They were just depressed, anxiety riddled, thought they were a little crazy and were just doing their best to survive.

Others know they are highly sensitive but have been shamed all their life for it. They try so hard to stuff their sensitivity under the rug or put it in the closet, keeping it under lock and key, wishing/praying it would go away.  

Others embrace their sensitivity but still get side swiped by other people’s energies, attract narcissists, are crap at holding boundaries, can’t find their voice and have no sense of freedom to be themselves.

Most of my clients know they simply can’t carry on any more with the way things are going. A little voice within says, ’If I don’t do something, I’m going to break. Something needs to change. If the overwhelm gets any worse, I’m going to pop.’

Denying your highly sensitive self is like denying that you have arms and legs. If you don’t fully accept, accept, appreciate and integrate that aspect of yourself then there will be some push back from your soul. It causes discomfort, unhappiness, roadblocks and more.

Many HSP/empaths have a burning desire to help others. They know deep down inside that they have a very unique gift. That is such a beautiful thing, but if you don’t become a master of your energies, become a balanced HSP, then bringing your gifts out into the light is much more difficult and draining.

As an empath and HSP (highly sensitive person) myself, I always knew I was sensitive and could sense and do paranormal things that others couldn’t. However I didn’t realize being highly sensitive was actually a ‘thing’ until a few years into working as a healer. I kept hearing the same struggles and experiences over and over again that are so common for the sensitive ones. Finally I connected the dots and by doing so, I realized I was one too! 

As a healer and shamaness, I’ve worked with empaths/HSPs for over 12 years and I’m here to say, the dislike and struggles of being an HSP can be made history. I’ve witnessed it over and over with my clients. There is healing available, tools and different ways of doing things to manage your beautiful sensitive self so that you can be vibrant and thrive. Really!

Some might say, ‘Yes, but I’ve tried so many things and it makes no difference.’ Have you had someone support you daily, who’s got your back 110%, holding your hand, guiding and leading you back to yourself?

‘I’m afraid it will be just temporary and I’ll go back to my old ways.’

Nope, with the healing work, the core wounds/trauma are healed so changing old habits and reactions are something of the past, with empowered new ways now in place.

‘I don’t have the money at the moment.’ Is that really the truth or are you putting others needs ahead of yours? Or do you not feel worthy of Investing in yourself? I speak from my own experience, investing into yourself can be one of the most empowering things you can do. It can be life-changing. 

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A day in t he li fe of a


Thriving Empa t h/HSP

Can you imagine being able to go into a crowded place and come out still feeling grounded and centered, not absorbing anyone else’s energies
Can you imagine what it could be like to have a really good balance throughout your day of self-care: alone time to recharge, time in nature, meditation and rest?
Being able to stand up for yourself, saying what you do or don’t need/want/like? 
Can you imagine confidently excusing yourself from a situation that is just too overwhelming for your very sensitive self? You leave or take a break, guilt free.
Being able to hold really strong healthy boundaries energetically, emotionally, physically and spiritually which keep you safe and empowered?
Can you imagine being done with the addictions: drugs, alcohol, food etc.? You are set free!
Being free of suffering from overwhelm, anxiety or depression? Feeling inner peace and calm in your norm.
Can you imagine the doubting Thomas of your wise, inner voice is gone? You totally trust your intuition and follow its guidance.
Being done with the narcissists? Now you attract healthy, balanced interdependent relationships.
Can you imagine not being afraid of your power? You discover and bring your superpowers, your gifts, out into the open, boldly and put them into service!
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All of this can really be your reality. Through the Thriving Empath/HSP mentorship program, these are some of the areas we cover. This is for the person who is ready to say yes to themselves, who is done with the dysfunctional way things have been, who is ready to commit to themselves, and make the needed changes to become a THRIVING highly sensitive being.

You receive personalized, daily support, healing, guidance specific to you and where you are at. The Thriving Empath/HSP mentorship brings about profound healing, potent transformation, freedom and empowerment as you become the vibrant highly sensitive person you are here to be. 

And the part that I LOVE the most is helping you bring out and develop your HSP Superpowers! I bet you know deep inside you that you have a very special golden nugget. It might be psychic abilities, mediumship, healing abilities, singing, channeling messages from angels, animal communication, and more. 

You aren’t sensitive just because. Your sensitivity is a gem that can be of utmost service to yourself and others. We are in uncharted water with the Great Awakening upon us. The sensitive ones are here on this earth to help humanity through this, to help humanity go into a magnificent, new level of higher consciousness. We need you now! No more hiding! In the Thriving Empath/HSP mentorship program, we will bring you into your power, confidence, strength, light and into your gifts to be of service to yourself and others. 

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While uncertainty is unnerving, I am learning to go with the flow and ask for patience and guidance. You deserve a shout out, because that would have been very difficult if it wasn’t for you.

I recall when I was doing the HSP program, I was a little stressed because I had a doctor’s appointment and was worried about being late. You said, "Don’t worry, everything happens at the right time. You will get there at exactly the right moment.”

Sure enough, my drive there was very smooth (I could feel the energetic flow) and when I arrived, they said “perfect timing, we were running a couple of minutes late but are just now ready for you”. So, thank you for that gift, and so many others.

Katie M.Boulder, CO