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All About Our Plant Medicine Ceremony!

We are excited you are joining us for ceremony. There is a lot of information to take in. We recommend taking a moment, sitting down with a cup of tea and carefully reading this in its entirety.
There are two forms to be filled out. Read them and be truthful in all your responses in regards to your health. Please do that ASAP as there could be information in there that Helen needs to ask you about.
Dreamtime Church Intake Screening Form
Waiver of Liability and Release
Dreamtime Church Donation:
Suggested price: $595 within the sliding scale of $545-$675.
This includes the 2 day retreat and 3 integration sessions.
Offer what resonates. In gratitude, Helen
To be officially registered for ceremony, please make your deposit of $250 via Venmo, noting it as Dreamtime Church Donation and using the option to send to ‘a friend’ vs ‘services’. If you have already done so, thank you.
Access this LINK to send your deposit via Venmo.
Via Zelle, use Helen’s #: 303-564-1210
Please send the remaining amount by August 2.
Payment in full is also welcome.

Ceremony Information

Please navigate through the buttons to learn more.

TAOS Ceremony Information

Location: Vista Verde Retreat Center, 5 North Rd, Carson, NM

Basic Schedule:

  • 10 AM arrival on Saturday, please use GOOGLE maps to get you there accurately
  • Unload and get settled into your rooms and into the ceremonial space
  • Add your offerings to the collective offerings pile
  • Put your sacred objects on the altar
  • Give Helen the remaining Dreamtime Church donation
  • Everyone will be saged
  • Ceremony starts. We will be in the ceremony for about 5-6 hrs.
  • 6:00-ish an organic, delicious dinner prepared by a holistic chef
  • 7:00-ish – Free time to do as you please. There is a lovely fireplace you can all hang out around. You can go for a walk under the stars (they are AMAZING down here), bathe, journal, go to bed, whatever you are called to do.
  • Sweet dreams
  • 8 AM Sunday: 1st in-person Integration Session & an organic, delicious breakfast, prepared by a holistic chef
  • Check out at 11 AM. Walk in nature at the retreat if you want.

Important Note: Please refrain from bringing/ingesting any other plant medicine to the ceremony. The plant medicines used in the ceremony are potent and exclusive for the ceremony experience.


Catered Meal: Meals prepared by holistic chef: dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday, will be organic, vegan, gluten-free dishes. Please let us know if you have any allergies. Feel free to bring any snacks or food you wish to have, especially if you are arriving on Friday evening. You have access to a full kitchen.


Accommodation is organized via Helen.
The retreat center is lovely and has various room options. The prices for shared rooms are between $105-$155. Private rooms are from $125-$155. Once we know how many people are coming and how many nights everyone is staying, then we allocate everyone to a room. Please let us know if you’d like to stay one or two nights; if you have a preference for a shared or private room; and if you are coming with a friend or partner, you’d like to share with.
Please put the accommodation payment in its own envelope with your name on it and the room you are staying in. Elizabeth, the owner, will be collecting your payment on the day you arrive.
***Elizabeth also asks that everyone pay in cash or check. Please note that if you pay in check you will be charged 7.5% tax, but if you pay in cash, there’s NO TAX.


Directions to Vista Verde Retreat Center
Google Maps will get you to the retreat center with ease and grace. The address again is:
5 North Road, Carson, NM, 87517, Vista Verde Retreat
  • There is a big sign on the right saying ‘Vista Verde Retreat’.
  • Turn right at the Vista Verde sign, go down the driveway, pass the Main House on the left, and
  • Park in the clearing on the left between the Main House and the Studio.

For those arriving on Friday, but not staying at the main house, please feel free to come over to the main house to meet the others staying there, cook together, hang out by the fire, whatever you’d like.

Cancellation Policy

If something comes up and you can’t join us, you will receive a full refund of your deposit up to 2 weeks before the ceremony.
If Helen needs to cancel the ceremony for unforeseen circumstances i.e.: bad weather, a full refund of your deposit will be made to you.

Ceremony Guidelines

Here are a few guidelines so you can come well prepared for the ceremony.


Wear loose, comfy clothing. Come prepared for the typical temperature changes from early morning to evening. Bring shorts, hat, sunhat, raincoat, jacket, boots, sandals, etc. – anything you feel you might need to be comfortable, warm/cool in nature and indoors.
For the ladies, you might want to leave the bras off that day. Dresses or skirts are a great option. Everything can feel very restrictive if it’s not loose and free.
Some people like to have eye covers as well.
Please avoid wearing perfume/cologne as some of the attendees have allergies or fragrance sensitivity. Thanks for understanding.


Reference Taos for the temps and climate.

Keep it light

It is best to skip breakfast or have an early, light breakfast. The more food you have in your belly, the more nauseous you might feel with the medicines.
Refrain from eating after 9 AM.
Feel free to bring a healthy, light snack to nourish yourself if you are ravenous or have low blood sugar at the tail end of ceremony.

Ceremonial Cacao

Ceremonial cacao is heirloom cacao that is delicious and heart-opening. It also has a fair amount of caffeine in it so if you are sensitive, you might refrain from your cup of tea or coffee in the morning and save your ‘caffeine dose’ for our gathering.  Also ceremonial cacao is a diuretic. You will get very thirsty during the ceremony so make sure you have your water with you.


We will create an altar to honor Spirit, us, and our ceremony. Please bring any sacred objects you feel called to bring. These are items that will go back home with you, filled with the magical, ceremonial energies to infuse into your altar at home. If you are new to this, please see below suggestions of sacred objects that you could bring.
  • Beeswax or Unscented Candles (must be in fire-safe container)
  • Flowers
  • Rose / lavender water
  • Currency
  • Stones
  • Shells
  • Photos
  • Baskets
  • Crystals
  • Jewelry
  • Food & drink
  • Artwork and handmade creations by you that Spirit would appreciate or you make especially for them

Checklist of Goodies to Bring

  • Mug for your hot cup of ceremonial cacao
  • Journal & pen
  • Water bottle/s
  • Camping chair if you feel like you’d be more comfortable than on the floor/ground.
  • Yoga mat / camping mat
  • Offerings
  • Appropriate clothing for the temperature changes indoor and outdoor
  • Sacred objects for the altar
  • Any food and snacks you desire
  • Musical instruments, if you play them
  • Envelope with accommodation payment with your name on it
  • Optional: blanket/sleeping bag & pillows if you feel you’ll want them during ceremony
  • Electrolytes, Coconut water – excellent form of hydration

Remember to leave any other recreational plant medicines at home. We have enough going on with the two we will be communing with.

Bring anything else you feel you might need to be comfortable and warm/cool inside and in nature.  Please come over prepared. Better that way than to be missing something.

O fferings: What to bring?

Making offerings is not really part of our culture. So to help people understand and come with amazing offerings, here is a bit more about why we do this and suggestions on what to bring.

Suggestions for Offerings

Let’s feed, give back and energize Spirit well. Pick at least 5-7 items to bring as your offering contribution.


  • Spirits/beer/wine -***
  • Sweet red wine – Mother Earth loves it***
  • Tequila/whisky- the mountain spirits love these***
  • Coconut milk
  • Butter
  • Milk
  • Honey ***
  • Maple syrup ***
  • Chocolates ***
  • Seeds like sesame, pumpkin, sunflower, flax
  • Sugar
  • White produce – really enjoyed by the mountain spirits
  • Flowers
  • Roses ***
  • Spices like Turmeric, Cinnamon, Star of Anise
  • Millet ***
  • Corn/cornmeal ***
  • Fresh Garlic
  • Oats
  • Bee pollen
  • Rice
  • Candy/Sweets – Mother Earth loves sweet things
  • Cookies
  • Herbs i.e.: Lavender, rose, sweetgrass, etc.
  • Tobacco ***
  • Coffee
  • Coconut oil
  • Buffalo fat
  • Chili – dried or fresh
  • Ancestral food – Foods your ancestors enjoyed. They will probably come and assist you.
  • Food prepared by you or food that you feel Spirit would enjoy.
  • Crystals
  • Coins
  • Fresh Mushrooms
  • Essential oils
  • White chocolates
  • Sardines
We want to come to the ceremony, showing up for Spirit, for the others in the ceremony and for ourselves in the best way. Bringing heart felt offerings is one of the best ways to do that.
Why make offerings? ~ Sacred Reciprocity 
There is so much beauty, magic, and potency in offerings. It’s an act of reciprocity with Spirit. We give back, give thanks to Spirit, and show our gratitude for all the support, healing, and guidance we receive.
It also nourishes Spirit. The offerings ‘feed’ Spirit and and give it energy to come in more powerfully; just like we are nourished and energized with food. It is with reverence, honor, love and gratitude that we make these offerings.
For example, if you move through a challenging moment in the ceremony and then pop out the other side with clarity and gratitude, make an offering to Spirit, to say thank you.
If you just get an amazing download or aha around your intention, make an offering and say thank you.
It might sound ‘odd’ as you read this if you haven’t done this before. Rest assured you will experience the energy and gratitude from Spirit when they are well ‘fed’.
You are invited to bring HEARTY offerings to give Spirit throughout our ceremony.

Food & Drink –this is what will be given to Spirit in large quantities. Please bring things you’d happily offer your great-grandmother. She might actually show up as a helping spirit! The ones with stars next to them are the ones that are especially well received.

***Please keep the offerings as healthy and organic as possible, leaving the processed food out.  Ultimately what we offer Spirit,  is what we are feeding ourselves since Spirit is one with us and we are one with Spirit.
If you are reading this and thinking, ‘I don’t know what they like.’, then go quiet in meditation, and ask. They will share with you.
Bring at least 5-7 items from the suggestion list or what your spirit teams shares with you ie: bars of chocolate, a big bag of seeds, a few cans of coconut milk, a bottle of honey, a bag of coffee, a box of cookies, a bouquet of flowers, artwork you have made, etc.
We give HEAPING handfuls of offerings to the Spirit so quantity is a must. Imagine that we are feeding a horse with all our offerings so I can’t stress enough – QUANTITY, please! 
Think of the offerings like a banquet offered to Spirit and you are bringing beautiful, generous offerings to share at this banquet. In the ceremony, you will give offerings to Spirit/the medicine/the fire. It’s part of the connection to the heart.

Preparing yoursel f for our  journey…

Do as much clearing, healing, releasing, and meditation as you can. Eat as clean and healthy as possible. Best to cut out alcohol and any recreational drugs between now and our ceremony. This will prepare you to be a better channel for all the amazing insights, healing, transformation, higher consciousness, aha’s, activations, and any other beautiful things Spirit might have in mind for you.


Start formulating your intentions for our journey. What would you like to heal, release, expand into, gain new awareness about, access? An intention is like a prayer; it is a statement of your motivation or direction. Your intention directs your journey and communicates to your Higher Self what it is that you are seeking. It helps focus the energies to support you.

Once you say ‘Yes, I’m in’, the journey begins energetically. Be mindful of the things that pop up in your world between now and our ceremony. It might give you some insight into your process.

Pre-Ceremony Sessions

Doing Pre-journey energy work can be very beneficial in clearing blocks and resistance. It can start the healing process and help you get clear on your intentions. With Spirit Reiki healing sessions before your journey you’ll feel more centered, grounded, receptive and open for a more potent, transformational ceremony. Please reach out if this resonates and we will get something on the calendar.
60 min. session, sliding scale $150-$180 via Zoom or FaceTime

Self-Care After Ceremony

It’s a powerful all-day experience. There is much healing, transformation, shifts, aha’s, that take place. It is best to have time to process and integrate as you slowly go back into your normal routine.

The integration and processing will continue on different levels and ways for everyone. Being in nature, journaling, baths with Epsom salts and essential oils, nourishing, high vibe foods and good sleep are some suggestions to help with your process.

One Month Integration Coaching

Being proactive with your integration process with all the insights, downloads, healings, inspirations, etc. that you received during ceremony is KEY to receiving the full benefit. If there isn’t pro-active integration, all the golden nuggets you got, can seem like a dream a week later as you flow back into your regular routine.
To assist with this, there will be 3 group integration sessions and an integration email thread for sharing within our group. With these tools, everyone from ceremony can continue to be supported, to support and be in community. This all helps you get the most out of your ceremonial experience.
Need more personalize support? You can also do 1:1 Spirit Reiki Integration sessions for more individualize support. We dive deeper into your journey and what is coming up for you, help process, understand and implement the guidance into your life. It’s a 60 min. session, sliding scale of $150-$180.

Have a question or concern?

Please email us at and we’ll be happy to attend to your queries.