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Spirit Reiki 3 Program

Become A Spirit Reiki Master

This is an in-depth, 3-month program to sink our hands deep into the Reiki energy. Pun intended!

If you have a strong desire to expand your learning of the Reiki modality and if you are keen to practice and share it with the world, then you are a perfect fit for this program.

You will continue to develop and trust your intuitive superpowers ie: clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience that manifest so well through giving and receiving Reiki.

The goal is that you will be a very confident Reiki Master and reiki practitioner. This means you’ll trust and share your unique way to give Reiki, receive spirit guidance, and allow Reiki to integrate perfectly into your sessions, life, and your life purpose.

Because the program is 3 months long, a beautiful sense of community and bonding grows amongst us to support our spiritual evolution as well as our development as Reiki Masters, as Reiki healers.

An added bonus is the opportunity for amazing, personal growth and empowerment.

Through your intentions, which are set at each monthly workshop, blocks are cleared, healing happens and new awareness emerges. You begin to embody a wonderful, more enriched, higher vibration… sharing your light brighter in the world.

Special addition:

Mini Cacao Ceremony (aka chocolate!) As a cacao priestess, Helen loves to bring cacao into every area of her healing work. As you sip the delicious ceremonial cacao, the cacao spirit helps your heart overflow with love and your inner knowingness becomes more fine tuned.

The basics of Spirit Reiki 3:

Become a qualified Reiki Master/practitioner, confidently sharing Reiki with clients, friends, family and/or animals

Reiki 3 Certification

Be attuned to a higher vibration through 4 Reiki symbols, expanding the access point to the divinity within

Learn how to empower your Reiki sessions using the 4 new symbols in conjunction with the other 3 you already learned in Spirit Reiki 2

Learn how to give 7 booster attunements – they help clear blocks from the soul’s light and co-create much more divinity within the person

Expand your intuitive superpowers as you trust and believe more in your connection with your angels, guides, power animals and spirit

Prerequisite: Reiki 1 & 2

Dates: To Be Announced. Please make sure you can make these dates otherwise they will have to be made up during another Spirit Reiki 3 program the following year Reiki coaching conference call once a month with the whole group (4 total)

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Class Dates:
To Be Announced

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I did Helen's Reiki 3 program. Helen’s experience and flavor of Reiki has great depth with a very rich Shamanic aspect. I loved that. I was encouraged to work from my own authentic expression of practice in order to share this powerful healing energy in a way that is most effective. I highly recommend this training for those called to be powerful Reiki healers.

I did some mini-cacao ceremonies with Helen in the Spirit Reiki 3 training, and I loved that experience. She started having public cacao ceremonies soon after that, and I have attended most of them. Helen’s ceremonies are very personal and rich in Shamanic practice. And the cacao is excellent. My experiences have all been full of joy and gratitude.
I highly recommend this ceremony to those who are ready to open their hearts.

Sam Smart

My experiences with Helen has continued to grow and so have I. It is with a full heart that I write this review for Helen. Helen has taught me how to listen and receive the messages from spirit, how to heal myself and others through the magic of Reiki and she has shown me the power of group healing in sacred cacao ceremonies. I am fortunate to say that her teachings and guidance have helped me to find my true path in life. Whether in ceremony or in her Reiki classes she serves as a beautiful channel for Spirit and holds a powerful sacred space for those around her. I am forever grateful to have Helen as a teacher and friend. Thank you, Helen, for enriching this world with your gifts and deepening the connection to Spirit for me and so many others. Namaste.

Hayley Huskee