Spirit Reiki on A Whole New Dimension

With the gifts of Spirit Reiki 2, you have a lot more flexibility and powerful ways to use Reiki. Let it support you in manifesting the life you desire, learn to share Reiki with others in-person or by giving distance healings.

Some of the fabulous things you’ll learn:

  • How to give distance healings
  • How to use 3 universal Reiki symbols to empower your Reiki sessions and your life
  • Share Reiki sessions in a much shorter period of time
  • Expand your connection with your angels and guides, accessing your clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and more
  • Transcend time and space to send healing Reiki energy to people and events in the past and future
  • Become attuned to a higher vibration with the 3 Reiki symbols
  • How to create sacred space

It’s not only a time to advance your Reiki training but also to ‘juice up’, support and help manifest fabulous things in your life. Learning Spirit Reiki 2 is like being in a nourishing, transformational, healing session for an entire 2 days. By the end, you will have even more knowledge and tools to access and trust your inner guidance. You will even more confidently share the amazing Reiki energy. You leave with a higher, more joyful vibration, allowing the magic and miracles to happen daily.

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50% off when you do Spirit Reiki 2 again

If it's been awhile, some like to refresh their memory and experience Spirit Reiki 2 again before doing Spirit Reiki 3 or to just get the Reiki attunement again.

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Upcoming Workshops

Spirit Reiki 2

April 28-29, 2018

Niwot, CO


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