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Spirit Reiki 2 Workshop

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Spirit Reiki on A Whole New Dimension

With the gifts of Spirit Reiki 2, you have a lot more flexibility and powerful ways to use Reiki. Let it support you in creating the life you desire, learn to share Reiki with others in-person or by giving distance Reiki healings.

It’s not only a time to advance your Reiki training but also to ‘juice up’, support and help create fabulous things in your life. Learning Spirit Reiki 2 is like being in a nourishing, transformational, healing session for an entire two days. By the end, you will have even more knowledge and tools to access and trust your inner guidance. You will even more confidently share the amazing Reiki energy. You leave with a higher, more joyful vibration, allowing the magic and miracles to happen daily.

Special addition:

As a special addition, you will experience the benefits of ceremonial cacao. Helen is a cacao priestess, leading monthly cacao ceremonies. She enjoys bringing ceremonial cacao into every area of her work because of its loving, mystical, healing properties. Ceremonial cacao is a big heart opener and helps you access your inner knowingness. This is perfect to enhance Spirit Reiki and the blossoming of your intuitive superpowers.

Benefits and learnings from this workshop:

How to give distance Reiki healings

How to use 3 universal Reiki symbols to empower your Reiki sessions and your life

Share Reiki sessions in a much shorter period of time

Expand your connection with your helping spirits, power animals, angels, etc as you access and expand your clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and more

Transcend time and space to send healing Reiki energy to people and events in the past and future

Become attuned to a higher vibration of the 3 Reiki symbols

How to create sacred space

Mini cacao ceremony

Pre-Requisite: Must have received Reiki 1 Certification. You don’t have to be Reiki 1 trained with Helen Knight to take Spirit Reiki 2.

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I found Helen when I was searching for a reiki training to attend. I had already completed level 1 and was wanting to deepen my skills by taking a reiki level 2 course. I found her website just a week before she was hosting a level 2 training and I reached out to see if I could attend. She was quick to respond and suggested we talk on the phone so she could get a feel for what I had previously learned and where I was at in my journey. I loved that! I felt valued and supported right away.

The level 2 workshop was so excellent that I decided to continue on with the level 3 Reiki Master training and I am so glad I did! It was such a treat to spend intimate time with the other people who were drawn to learning from Helen. It takes great courage to to work on oneself as healing can bring up our deepest wounds, fears, and traumas. I am so beyond grateful for the safe container of compassion, support and love that Helen created for us so that we may walk our healing paths without judgement.

I am working on wrapping my mind around the idea that I am a Reiki Master. This is just the beginning of my journey and the first step is believing in myself and trusting that I have everything I need to be of service to others. I look forward to practicing as much as possible so that I may be of the most benefit to the collective. And if you can’t tell, I highly recommended working with Helen in any capacity- client or student!"

Samantha Nimerov