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Spirit Reiki 1 Workshop

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Discover Your Healing & Intuitive Powers

Learning Spirit Reiki 1 opens a whole, new world of self-discovery, healing, empowerment and confidence in sharing more of your YOU-NESS with the world.

Reiki gives you magical, healing hands to put on yourself, family, friends, pets, plants: anyone or anything that you’d like to share the healing, transformative, loving energy with.

Spirit Reiki also encourages you to tap into your intuitive, super powers: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and more. We all have these powers but it’s a question of REALLY trusting them, making them your best allies. We will do that together in Spirit Reiki 1.

Reiki is very supportive of Highly Sensitive People/Empaths in building trust in YOU; Believing in YOU; Bringing out your YOU-NESS.

Support, community, bonding, sacred space, friendship, love and encouragement are Helen’s priorities, all of which help make the Spirit Reiki workshops amazing and transformative.

Special addition:

Mini Cacao Ceremony (aka chocolate!) As a cacao priestess, Helen loves to bring cacao into every area of her healing work. As you sip the delicious ceremonial cacao, the cacao spirit helps your heart overflow with love and your inner knowingness becomes more fine-tuned.

Why become Spirit Reiki 1 Certified?

have magical, healing hands and energy to manifest what you desire

self-empowered to heal yourself and share Reiki to help others heal

be part of an awesome, supportive, loving, fun, like-minded group who really ‘gets’ you

helps the highly sensitive ones/empaths honor this beautiful trait and see it as a good thing

give animals and plants reiki to help them thrive

create an awesome connection with your Spirit Team: your higher-self, angels, power animals, nature spirits, beings of love and light, etc.

learn to trust your intuitive, super powers: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and more

balance & align your chakras

combine Reiki with western medicine & other natural therapies i.e.: massage, acupuncture, cranial sacral

energy protection tools – stay clean, centered and free of other people’s energy

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To Be Announced Due to the COVID situation.

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I attended Spirit Reiki I in September, 2018. I signed up, because I was intrigued at having had healing experiences with Reiki while undergoing treatment for cancer. My intention for the workshop was joy, joy, JOY! Plus learning and openness! Well, I had plenty of joy in the workshop! I made friends with five wonderful classmates. We learned all about Reiki and got plenty of time to practice our new skills on each other. After the workshop, I have to say that I don’t know that I’ve ever felt more authentic, alive and joy-filled. More than ever, I feel worthy of my intention (J-O-Y). For me, this means that I’ve unhitched myself from the shackles of the phone, the desk and the computer, and spent more time in the beauty of vibrant, healing nature and sunshine.

Suzanne Grandchamp