What is Reiki?

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Spirit Reiki 1 – New Dates to be Announced

Boulder, CO  

What you can expect to learn from this course

~ To give Reiki to yourself, others, in a group, on plants and animals

~ Receive 3 Reiki attunements

~ Heighten your connection with your ‘higher-self’

~ Access your own guidance: listen and act upon your intuition as you open up your clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and more

~ Balance & align your chakras, as well as, reduce stress and improve personal effectiveness

~ Compliment western medicine & other natural therapies i.e.: massage, acupuncture

~ Energy protection tools so you stay clear and centered

~ Receive guided meditations

~ Understanding what each chakra represents and what it supports

Get attuned to the
Reiki energy…

Reserve my seat today!

“I learned and experienced more than I ever anticipated from my Reiki 1 workshop with Helen . I have begun to shift in ways I didn’t know I was ready for, and in ways I didn’t know needed changing. This process can be a bit unsettling, but I am learning to trust in it… with much thanks to Helen and her astounding patience, love and kindness. She is inspiring. I cannot thank her enough for the work she has done me and for the work she will do for so many others in the future.”

~ Hayley Husske
“Having already taken multiple Reiki training courses before taking Helen’s I can confidently say that Helen’s classes are the best of the best. I have taken Reiki trainings before that leave you feeling confused as to how to use your new skills; Helen’s class is definitely not one of those.
I loved the small group atmosphere that allows you to work with different people’s energies and still feel like you were in a small, intimate group. Helen’s Reiki Level one workshop really built confidence in my Reiki practice and the Universe rewarded me immediately for doing the work. The week after doing the workshop was suddenly a very busy week for me with new clients calling and people requesting more Reiki; the workshop paid for itself in less than a week.”​

~ Louise Walker
“I am more proud of this (Spirit Reiki 1) certificate
than I am of my college degree!”

~ Kym Terribile
“Reiki I Class: Serene, inspiring, fun and magical. Helen’s clear spirit infused the class lifting it to the sublime, the possible. Every participant expressed an elevated level of caring and sharing, and we received all the experiences and information necessary to develop and cherish Reiki.”
~ Sybela McBruide
“I just finished Spirit Reiki 1 and it was life transforming! It was so awesome to get hands on experience and really learn to tap into your intuition. She is an amazing teacher and I would recommend her classes to anyone. Thanks Helen! I hope to make it to Spirit Reiki 2 someday.”
~ Amanda Leonhardt

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