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Welcome to Sacred Cacao Ceremony!

Bring on the Ceremonial Cacao!

Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Welcome! I’m excited to be leading your sacred ceremony soon.

***If you have never participated in a cacao ceremony, there are a few things to be aware of:

Everyone receives a warm cup of the ceremonial serving of cacao. Because the ceremonial grade cacao is so clean, organic and with zero molds (commonly found in most hybrid chocolate or cacao), its healing properties are most powerful.
However, a reduced amount will be given to anyone with:
  • a heart condition
  • high sensitivity to caffeine
  • is taking anti-anxiety, anti-depressant and anti-psychotic drugs that contain SSRI
  • pregnant or with the possibility of being pregnant
The ceremonial grade cacao contains caffeine. This raises our heartbeat 10-15% hence why those with a heart condition or who are very sensitive to caffeine will receive a reduced amount.
A smaller serving will be given to anyone who is pregnant otherwise the baby will doing acrobatics in your belly due to the caffeine!
The SSRI clashes with something in the cacao that can give you a migraine about 6 hours later if you were to drink the normal ceremonial portion.

What to bring?

  • Dress comfortably – we will be sitting and laying down
  • Yoga mat, blankets, air mattress and pillow – something comfortable to lay on
  • Water bottle – we have a water filter for refills
  • Eye cover (i.e. scarf or small towel)
  • Pen
  • A special, ceremonial mug for your cacao drink, if you wish
  • Journal, if you wish
  • Sacred objects, if you wish
  • Start thinking about your intention for the ceremony
  • **Eat a light breakfast/lunch**


Making offerings is not really part of our culture but it’s a key for a magical ceremony. To help people understand, I share more about why we do this and suggestions on what to bring.

We want to come to the ceremony, showing up for Spirit, for the others in the ceremony and for ourselves in the best way. Bringing heart felt offerings is one of the best ways to do that.

Why make offerings? Sacred Reciprocity 

There is so much beauty, magic, and potency in offerings. It’s an act of reciprocity with Spirit. We give back, give thanks to Spirit, and show our gratitude for all the support, healing, and guidance we receive. It also nourishes Spirit, gives it energy to come in more powerfully. Just like we are nourished and energized with food, so are they. It is with reverence, honor, and gratitude that we make these offerings to Spirit.

With that being said, I invite you to bring heart felt offerings to give Spirit at our ceremony.

Food, Spirits, Flowers, Art: these are what will be given to Spirit. Please bring things you’d happily offer your great-grandmother. She might actually show up as a helping spirit! The ones with stars next to them are the ones that are especially well received.

Let’s feed, give back and energize the spirits.


  • Spirits/beer/wine -***
  • Sweet red wine – mother earth loves that***
  • Tequila/whisky- the mountain spirits love this***
  • Coconut milk
  • Butter
  • Milk
  • Honey ***
  • Maple syrup ***
  • Chocolates ***
  • Seeds
  • Sesame Seeds
  • Sugar
  • white produce – really enjoyed by the mountain spirits
  • Flowers
  • Roses ***
  • Spices
  • Turmeric
  • Cinnamon
  • Millet ***
  • Corn/cornmeal ***
  • Garlic
  • Oats
  • Bee pollen
  • Rice
  • Candy/Sweets – mother earth loves sweet things
  • Cookies
  • Herbs ie: Lavender, rose, sweetgrass, etc.
  • Tobacco ***
  • Coffee
  • Coconut oil
  • Buffalo fat
  • Chili
  • Ancestral food – Foods your ancestors enjoyed. They will probably come and assist you
  • Food prepared by you or food that you feel Spirit would enjoy.
  • Crystals
  • Coins
  • Mushrooms
  • Essential oils
  • White chocolates
  • Sardines

If you are reading this and thinking, ‘I don’t know what they like!’, then go quiet in meditation, and ask. They will share with you, I promise!

You can also walk through the supermarket aisles and ask them what they want for the ceremony. They will tell you!

For example: Pick at least 5-7 items from the list that resonate the most with you: bars of chocolate, a big bag of seeds, a few cans of coconut milk, a bottle of honey, a bag of coffee, a box of cookies, a bouquet of flowers, artwork you have made, etc.

We give HEAPING handfuls of offerings to the Spirit so quantity is a must. Imagine that we are feeding a horse with all our offerings so I can’t stress enough – QUANTITY, please! 

Think of the offerings like a banquet offered to Spirit and you are bringing beautiful, generous offerings to share at this banquet.  In the ceremony, you will give offerings to Spirit/the medicine/the fire. It’s part of the connection to the heart.

Cacao Di sclosure Form

Lastly, the link below gives you access to the electronic disclosure form. Please read it, check the appropriate boxes and sign at the bottom. The form will be sent automatically to us. All information is kept strictly confidential.

Cacao Disclosure Form

Have a question or concern?

Please send an email to and we’ll be happy to attend to your queries.

I’m so excited to be with you in our Sacred Cacao Ceremony soon!