What is Reiki?

The benefits can be felt within all bodies: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritual. The essence of Reiki is pure, unconditional love and joy. And you don't have to become a "healer" to practice Reiki.

When you get attuned and trained to the Reiki energy, the life force energy that is common to us all, is powerfully strengthened and heightened. You become a channel for it and for the healing and vitality it brings to all living things it touches.

Introducing Spirit Reiki

Over the years of teaching Reiki, Helen Knight has developed a special kind of Reiki — Spirit Reiki. While Reiki is the foundation, you'll also learn awesome techniques and tools on how to develop your own guidance. Helen encourages and provides the sacred space for you to begin trusting the messages you receive whilst giving and receiving Reiki.

Why learn Spirit Reiki?

99% of the time, everyone has experiences during the workshops as they open up their clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, precognition or a combo. We all have these gifts but now we get to learn how to access and make the most of them, in addition to learning Reiki. It’s magical to observe the transformations that transpire. Spirit Reiki is relevant for all people, not just those wanting to become Reiki practitioners. If you'd like the ability to help soothe, relax and heal yourself and others while developing your own intuitive powers, Spirit Reiki is for you!

Who benefits from Reiki?


  • Self-care: It's great for expanding self-love, to lower anxiety, stress, pain, to go to sleep and more.
  • Animals: They love the energy: it does the same for them as it does for people.
  • Everyone: Who doesn't love a warm hand on them? The young, middle aged and the elderly. Reiki provides this.
  • Parents or child-carers: It’s a wonderful, gentle way to help them sleep, soothe them when they are hurt, upset, sick and to give love.

About Helen Knight:

She's been teaching Reiki on a regular basis for 3 years, initiating many into this amazing healing modality. Helen studied and became a Reiki Master/teacher in the Australian Outback. She is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals. As a Spiritual Alchemist, she blends Reiki, her psychic gifts, shamanism and communication with spirits into the whole experience of teaching/sharing Reiki with you.


Upcoming Workshops

Spirit Reiki 1

Feb. 10-11th
Niwot, CO

Learn more.

Spirit Reiki 2

April 28-29, 2018
Niwot, CO

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Spirit Reiki 3 Program

First Class: Feb. 3, 2018.
Meets Monthly: March 10, April 7, May 5, June 2
Niwot, CO

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