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What is Reiki?

The essence of Reiki is pure, unconditional love and joy. Through the touch of gentle, loving hands, a painful spot can heal; a broken heart can feel love again; trust can be rebuilt and self-love magnetized.

Why Take a Reiki Workshop?

When you are Reiki trained, the life force energy that is common to us all, is powerfully strengthened and heightened within you.

You become a super-channel for this loving energy and for the healing and vitality it brings to all living things it touches.

You can then choose to do self-reiki, reiki for friends and family and/or become a full-blown reiki practitioner, sharing the reiki healing with your clients.

Spirit Reiki: The Dreamtime Healings Difference

Over the years of teaching, Helen Knight has developed her own style of Reiki called: Spirit Reiki. This is Reiki + intuitive, superpowers.

It helps you to recognize, activate and develop your intuitive, superpowers that consist of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and more.

During a Reiki session, messages from Spirit can come through via the intuitive, superpower channels. The messages can bring so much insight, awareness, and healing. It makes the Reiki sessions that much more powerful, healing and transformative.

Support, community, bonding, sacred space, friendship, love, and encouragement are the basis of the Spirit Reiki workshops.

Why Learn Spirit Reiki?

To have magical, healing hands and energy to manifest what you desire such as: Health, Love, Joy, Miracles, Healing, Ease, Trust, Flow, Inner Peace, Confidence and Self-compassion.
Reiki is so beneficial for Highly Sensitive People/Empaths: Builds trust in YOU. Believes in YOU. Brings out your YOU-NESS.
Access and Trust your intuitive, super powers on-demand. Make the most of them in combination with Reiki.
PS…Spirit Reiki is relevant to everyone. You don’t have to become a  reiki healer to practice Reiki.

About Helen Knight:

Helen’s been teaching Spirit Reiki for over 7 years, initiating many into this amazing, healing modality.

As a Spiritual Alchemist, she blends Reiki, her intuitive, super powers, cacao shamanism and lots of TLC into the whole experience of teaching/sharing Spirit Reiki with you.

Helen’s own spiritual path burst open when she received Reiki in Chile and then studied it in the Australian Outback.

To read Helen’s full bio, click here.

Spirit Reiki Workshops

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Spirit Reiki 3 Program

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I'm not quite sure where to start. First, Helen is one of the wisest, kindest and most compassionate human beings I've encountered. I found myself visiting Helen's website over 5 years complementing whether or not I should enroll in Reiki 1. I finally decided to sign-up in April 2019 which is one of the best decisions I've ever made, truly.

Quick backstory: I haven't ""loved"" my job for 5 years now. I dealt with tremendous pressure and stress working in the tech industry; so much more than I could handle. I was burning out which activated my stress response which triggered severe insomnia and anxiety. I knew I needed a change, but didn't know ""what to do""

My life started to transform in Reiki 1. The practice of Reiki daily and the attunement received in Reiki 1 provided the clarity I needed to listen to my higher self in terms of the direction I needed to go. I felt so much more grounded. Those around me were noticing a profound shift for the better as well. I started asking the universe and source for answers, gifts, and miracles all of which were delivered. Helen taught us how to manifest our intentions; the universe and source truly will answer all questions you have in addition to providing gifts and miracles when requested. Towards the end of Reiki 1, I had committed that I would no longer continue working a job that didn't bring me happiness and joy.

I then enrolled in Reiki 2. The transformation not only continued but intensified with each attunement. Of course Helen's teachings and a daily Reiki practice also greatly helped!

I then decided to enroll in Reiki 3. The transformation further intensified. I can't remember the last time I was this happy and confident. After the first Reiki 3 class, I came home and asked source for direction in terms of career; I received an answer within 2 hours. I have started my own business which will officially launch around the last/final class of Reiki 3. Woohoo!

I have no doubts that your life too will transform for the better.

If you're struggling to decide to enroll in Helen's Reiki classes sign-up for a Reiki session with her. I think you'll be happy you did : )

Brett Lemker