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Plant Medicine Ceremony Reflection

A poem by Maddie Woods

I was a wild woman
In a tribe of other wild be-ings
Rediscovering our primal state
With no restrictions
The rules that have been forced upon us
The understanding that kindness
And respect
For individuality and community
Are one in the same.
Our guides, ancestors, spirts supporting us
In a journey they too have taken
We were divine
We were emotional
We were free
We saw each other
Our eyes wide open to the universe
Living inside each of us
We traveled down to the river
As a tribe of wild women
Like fierce lionesses
Tucking away our fire for a moment of tender surrender
To feed our souls from the water of life
The river beckoned us
And held us in our beauty
And embrace our overflowing
Feminine power
My voice rang out
Like a siren announcing the world that she is here
She is coming
She who will not be held back by
The rules that have kept her bound
In the mediocre
Shading away from the magic
Dancing around an extinguished fire
A chain which was meant to be broken
Shattered when her voice cried out
Her roar so powerful
Fierce with intention 
And then coyote chimed in
A gentle yip 
To grieve the pain and sorrow
To kindly welcome the birth of 
A new soul
The chain has become a thread
Which will be unwoven
Strand by strand
Until she can stand free in her power