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Plant Medicine Ceremonies


wit h Dreamtime Church

  • July 27, Boulder, CO
  • August 10-11, Taos, NM
  • August 24, Boulder CO

Plant medicines have been around for 100,000s of years, helping heal, awaken and access higher levels of consciousness.

I’m in my seventh year of leading plant medicine ceremonies. The intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, and healing of these divine teachers, never ceases to amaze me.

As people all over the world begin or continue to awaken, plant medicines are a perfect tool in assisting in this process. The New Earth is in the process of being birthed, with humanity evolving to much greater levels of consciousness. What better way to be supported and nourished than through plant medicines!

These are some examples of the magical shifts I’ve witnessed through Plant Medicine Ceremonies:

  • Heal social anxiety, allowing you to feel part of community
  • Melt away religious programming, being free from it and able to access and align to what is true to you
  • Heal the deep wound of poor self-worth and truly feeling your worthiness
  • Release fear of speaking up and letting your voice ring out clearly and confidently.
  • Heal layers of trauma, allowing for a new level of self-love and self-compassion
  • Dissolve the energies of anxiety and depression, to let the light shine in, allow your natural state of joy.
  • Heal the heart wounds of divorce or a breakup, opening the heart to love again
  • Melt away the fear of being judged so you can share your gifts confidently
  • Embrace full forgiveness of others and self
  • Guidance on your next stop
  • Melting away the layers so you can really be YOU!
Yes, I want to learn more about Boulder, CO Ceremonies!
Yes, I want to learn more about Taos, NM Ceremonies!
Yes, I want to learn more about Private Plant Medicine Ceremonies!

Did you know that only 5% is our conscious mind? 95% of what we do, how we act/react, behave comes from our subconscious/unconscious mind! Oh my goodness!

That is why plant medicines are so amazing as they go straight to the subconscious and bring to the surface that which is ready to be looked at, acknowledge, released and/or healed.

Our divine Mother, Gaia, runs through all these plant medicines, sprouted of course directly from her. The wisdom, benevolence, and insight are beyond anything our minds can imagine.

When you let go, surrender to the medicines, the magic, mystery, and amazingness is shown to you, all in support of your intentions, growth, and expansion of consciousness.

I could keep going! These are just some of the areas where a plant medicine ceremony could support you.

I lead this regularly in Boulder, Colorado, and in Taos, New Mexico. Both these places are potent vortexes, which lend themselves beautifully to this experience.

Send me a message if you’d like to learn more or to sign up.

Yes, I want to learn more about Boulder, CO Ceremonies!
Yes, I want to learn more about Taos, NM Ceremonies!
Yes, I want to learn more about Private Plant Medicine Ceremonies!
The greater plan for Dreamtime Church is to have our own physical church and land to hold these potent plant medicine retreats.
Our vision is for the church to be fully sustainable, minimal carbon footprint, built in alignment with the four directions and with sacred geometry, huge windows so we can feel like we are outside when the weather is cold, a fireplace, a fully equipped kitchen where amazing foods can prepared to nourish us during the retreats and for any event that happens in between.
And the greater vision is to have housing to accommodate all the participants. It’s a big vision and we are holding strong that with the help of our community, we can dream this into reality.
If you’ve had a powerful, transformational experience that is changing your life for the better and would like to make a donation to Dreamtime Church, that would be most appreciated.
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