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There is a Gift in Every Experience

This truth holds true with both positive and negative situations. The uncomfortable lessons can be harder but it’s where we are challenged, pushed to expand and learn the most to create change, if we allow it.

The Shift!

Is there a situation in your life where you feel you’ve been tripping over the same stone, time and time again? You attract the same type of unsatisfactory relationships, same money issues, a job with a terrible boss, etc.? Increase your awareness and notice what opportunity you are being given to learn. Look at the ‘negative’ as a golden opportunity to change, grow and evolve, no matter how challenging or uncomfortable it might be.

Meditate and reflect on what lesson you are being asked to learn. Is it about speaking your truth, holding healthy boundaries, saying ‘no’? Most often, what you see in your external world is a reflection of what is going on within. We can have ‘blind spots’, which are difficult to recognize; consider seeking the counsel of an elder, healer, or counselor to help you discover what is your lesson and learn it.


“I recognize the lesson with this challenging situation and take the steps towards discovering its gift.”