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You Deserve Love

We all want to love and be loved. It all comes down to that. Life is that simple. However with some of our childhood experiences, what our family or society dictates, and possible trauma, many of us do not feel loveable or that we don’t deserve love.

Here is a wonderful saying, “God/Source/Divinity, doesn’t make junk.” Is there an area in you that believes you are ‘junk’, not good enough or unworthy? Today, start your practice to change that old, false story and transform it into the amazing truth that you are enough and ‘oh’ so worthy of love.

The Shift!

Here is a simple mantra to help shift that false belief or story:
‘I am lovable, loving and loved.’ You can repeat that in quiet meditation at least once a day or more, for 21 days. Add reminders on your phone to repeat it. Put notes all around your home, on your mirror, next to your bed. As you start this process, record where you are, on a range from 1-10, on feeling loveable. Notice, how over the course of time, you increase your perception of how loveable you truly are.


““I am lovable, loving and loved.”