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Our world is ever changing. We are spirits in human bodies, here to learn and grow, not to be stagnant. We are in a time of paradigm change, requiring us to wake up, expand our awareness, and evolve into a new way of being, quickly!

The Shift!

Take a moment to go within and notice where you are stagnant, doing the same thing over and over – yet it bores you. Is it a habit that needs to be updated into something new that supports you better? Is it your relationship, job, the food you eat, the exercise you do? Why are you not making a change? Is fear holding you back?

Ready to make a change? Set your intention to make the shift, whatever it is, big or small, in any area of your life where you have been stagnant. Create a plan on how to implement the change. Put this in your calendar or in your journal. Start small. Here are a few examples:

  • I try a new food this week
  • I meditate more often and watch less news
  • I explore a new creative outlet that has always interested me


“Today I commit to releasing an old habit that is keeping me stagnant and open up to a new way of movement and flow.”