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Compassion is a word we hear a lot in the spiritual realms. It means to show kindness, concern and caring for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. Compassion brings us together rather than proliferating the illusion of separateness. Pure love and compassion is the direction Spirit is leading us.

Can you bring in more compassion – to feel for another and what they are going through, to bring in support and understanding, and help them alleviate their suffering? This means leaving judgment out of the picture. Imagine how it would feel if someone treated you with compassion when you were feeling anxious or hurt.

The Shift!

If you feel someone has wronged you, was rude or did something inappropriate, instead of reacting, try bringing in compassion to replace the anger, annoyance or upset. Feel the compassion within and flow it out towards the other. Try understanding that the other person might have had a bad day, has a very challenging home life or upbringing, or has a mental hiccup that lead them to responding harshly.

Do a meditation and awaken compassion within yourself – when you feel compassion arising within, send it out to a person, situation, or place in the world where there is war, violence, or misfortune.


“I expand compassion towards myself and others.”