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Guidance and Support – All Day Long

One of the great benefits of being highly sensitive, is that you can access your inner guidance more easily than many. Your spirit team (beings of light, nature spirits, devas, angels, helping spirits, pixies, power animals, fairies and more) is always connecting with you, manyl times a day. Are you hearing them?

Be aware of how an answer comes to you from Spirit:

  • during a meditation with a vision or simple clarifying thought
  • an earth angel (a human being) who delivers the perfect message
  • a feather appears on your path to validate your thought, idea or plan
  • a song plays on the radio, through the lyrics the message is delivered
  • a coin that you find, the angels reminding you that they are right there with you
  • a voice in your head with a gentle, loving message
  • a knowingness
  • synchronicity

Trust and act upon the guidance you receive. If you aren’t clear on the message, simply ASK your spirit team to be more specific.

The Shift!

If you are well versed in receiving messages from spirit, expand it to another level and open your awareness to even more subtle messages.

If you are just beginning to connect with your spirit team, be patient with the process. This is an evolution that takes time to get the hang of. In time, you will become quick in recognizing when the ego/mental aspect is causing you to doubt rather than trust. Activate your skills and start asking for assistance with little things like:

  • “Parking fairies, please help me find a great spot.”
  • “Pixies, I’ve lost my keys, please help me find them.”
  • “Guide me on the quickest route to get downtown, avoiding traffic.
  • “I have a long flight today, please sit me next to someone really interesting with whom to chat.”
  • “Please help me today to have a fabulous day at work.”

Get creative and giggle! This spiritual game is meant to be fun.


“I raise my awareness to hear, see and feel all of the messages coming to me from Spirit”