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Self-Love Expansion Time

One of the best ways to nourish the soul is to amplify your self-love. Self-love is something we hear about more and more, but what does it really mean? It means doing things that you love, that make your heart and soul sing. Say ‘no’ to obligations and ‘shoulds’, and say ‘yes’ to you and what makes you happy.

The Shift!

How do you actually expand self-love? It is simple and fun – by doing things that you love, this can be anything! It is completely personal. For example:

  • Take an extra 10 minutes to sit down and fully enjoy your delicious drink that you just bought at your favorite café; instead of driving and chugging – sit, sip and take your time to enjoy the full experience.
  • Give yourself time in the morning to watch and listen to the birds outside as you have your breakfast.
  • Commune with higher-self and your spirit team through the calming practice of meditation
  • If you love the coziness of your bed, give yourself extra time in the morning to enjoy the warm comfort of being in a nurturing space. Or give yourself the luxury of an afternoon nap.
  • Practice self-care. Self-care is self-love. Eat healthier food choices, go to your favorite exercise class, do anything that is fun and nurturing.
  • Say ‘no’ to the ‘shoulds’ and say ‘yes’ to you.


“I love me.”