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Surrender and Acceptance

This is so simple to say but can be challenging to do. However, when you surrender and can be in acceptance of ‘what is’, the struggle is over. This begins when you can let go of inner resistance, the reactive energy that doesn’t like ‘this moment’. It might sound like, ‘‘I don’t want to be here.’ Or your habitual ‘No, I don’t like this’. This simply empowers the ego. However when you go into acceptance of ‘what is’, simply being 100% present with what you are doing or where you are, this allows for the peace to reign. From that place, you can access the universal wisdom to create more empowered action.

The Shift!

Practice relaxing into greater surrender and acceptance. This might come in layers. Begin to notice when the anger, victimhood, sadness, frustration, annoyance, etc. arise when you are not in full acceptance of ‘what is’.


  • being ok with the unknown
  • letting go of control
  • letting go of the ‘no’s’ and opening up to the ‘yes’s’

Surrender happens when no we no longer ask, ‘Why is this happening to me?

Peace can then reign and from there, a hidden gift can be opened.


“I surrender and accept what is and allow my inner peace to reign”