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Energy Protection Tools

Your body, chakras and aura are your temple and should only house your energy. However, depending on where you are on the spectrum of being a Highly Sensitive Person, and empath, you could be like a dry sponge, absorbing other people’s energies like water, throughout the day. Using energy protection tools every day is key to keeping your energy vibrant, clean and safe.

As you consciously keep your body free of other people’s energies, notice if you feel more centered, clear and calm. You wouldn’t go out into a snowstorm without a warm winter jacket, right? In the same way, as a Highly Sensitive Person, it’s best to start your day by putting on energy protection tools to keep you grounded and connected to you.

The Shift!

Click here to access the recording of energy protection tools.


“I consciously keep my temple clean and clear of other people’s energies.”