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Honor Your Sensitive Self

Being highly sensitive is a gift, not a curse, especially when you honor and manage your energy well. Acknowledging this within yourself, accepting that you are sensitive and need to do things differently than most is a powerful stance to take and very self-empowering.

Did you know these common traits of a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)?

  1. Sincerely care, genuine, curious, impulsive, independent, intuitive, thoughtful, and emotionally sensitive.
  2. Very conscientious – HSPs want to ensure that things are done right. They make great employees when given autonomy, space, and time to contemplate.
  3. Highly creative – HSPs notice and are attuned to the subtleties and richness around them, inspiring them to be inspirational to others.
  4. Feeling deeply – HSPs can go to more joyful states as well as feel uncomfortable emotions more intensely.
  5. In-tuned with animals – HSPs have more perceptivity of what animals need and how to be attuned to them.
  6. Passion – HSPs can feel more passionate about a topic than others
  7. Great problem solvers.
  8. Strong desire to feel fulfilled, not just going through the motions – involves cultivating themselves, friendships, and their interests.
  9. Need to have meaning in life – this is where the spiritual world plays in, they are keen to know and act upon their life purpose, doing something that is meaningful to them and to others.
  10. High levels of energy if they manage their energy well.
  11. Don’t like to play by the norms.
  12. Gifted in a particular area.
  13. Can be great advisors and visionaries.
  14. HSP’s tend to be aware that there is something beyond this physical world.

The Shift!

Look at that amazing list of HSP qualities, wow! Take a moment and pick 7 qualities from the list and simply acknowledge them within yourself. Sense how good that feels knowing that you have these beautiful qualities.


“I accept, embrace, honor and CELEBRATE my highly sensitive self.”