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Be ‘Selfish’

‘Selfish’ is not a dirty word. As a highly sensitive soul, you care a lot about other people. You are conscientious and want to support others. Hence there is a tendency to put yourself last on the list of importance, or almost last. Many women are often taught that everyone else’s needs should come first. However, allowing others to be in the driver’s seat of your life is detrimental to your spiritual health.

When you put yourself first, based on what is in alignment with your spirit, this equates to self-love. Self-love and self-care are paramount to our sense of inner peace. As you do things for yourself, which nourish your soul, notice how you feel. When your basket of self-love is full and overflowing, you then have a lot more to share with others.

The Shift!

Take a stand. Let your spirit guide you from today onwards. Look at your day and edit or add things which feel selfish to do, but are actually acts of self-love. In addition, begin formulating a plan of something you would like to continue doing for yourself for the next week and beyond. You can add a daily reminder to your calendar or post notes so there is no more leaving yourself to last. As you practice and get better at this, you will notice how good this feels, being ‘self-centered’ is the new way of being.


“I put self-care first on my To-Do list today and everyday.”