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Your Amazing Spirit Team

Most Highly Sensitive People are aware that there is something more beyond the physical realm. Part of that is knowing, trusting and working with your spirit teaml. These are beings of light, nature spirits, devas, angels, helping spirits, pixies, power animals, fairies and more. You can call upon them for guidance, help, healing and support – for anything big or small in your life.

The Shift!

Always keep in mind that your #1 guide is your higher-self. The rest of your spirit team is there merely to support you. You don’t have to know all of their names, what they look like, or how many you have on your team. Simply ask out loud, or silently, when you need help, support or guidance. Your team isn’t fussy on how you ask, so you don’t need to worry about using the ‘perfect’ words. They are just thrilled you ask for help so they can be of service to you and your needs.


when you call upon your spirit team and ask for help, simply add at the end: ‘All (beings) of the highest vibration, evolution, who serve only my highest purpose and good for all.’ Plus, giving gratitude and acknowledgement via a thank you is always welcomed.


“Every day, I am in constant dialogue with my spirit team for help, support and guidance.”