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Practicing gratitude is very powerful. The gifts from gratitude can be overflowing. The more gratitude you feel and express, the more the Universe provides. Energy flows where attention goes! Abundance is a feeling that grows more abundance – and gratitude is the pathway.

The Shift!

Create a daily gratitude ritual. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Take the time to feel gratitude for every part of your body: your eyes that give you sight, your legs with which you walk, hands that touch and feel, the tongue that tastes delicious food, and the nose that smells the fragrance of flowers. You can really expand on this practice when you consider all of the ways your body supports you.
  • In the morning before rising out of bed, ask your guides to give you seven or more gifts each day. At the end of the day, review your activities and list the gifts you received with a feeling of gratitude. Remember to say thank you for both the big and the small gifts. It could simply be the feeling of sunshine on your face, receiving a nice compliment, or eating a delicious, nourishing meal.
  • Make a gratitude journal and write in it daily.
  • At dinner time, have everyone share what they are grateful for that day.


“I express gratitude daily for the gifts I receive, big and small.”