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Time to Say Goodbye to the Inner-Critic

Remember the last time you got yelled at or criticized by somebody? It probably didn’t feel good. It works exactly the same when you self-criticize. It is the ego/mind yelling at or criticizing your spirit. This feels terrible and your spirit wilts under the attack, depleting the heart chakra of self-love.

Let’s make a stand to be gentle with yourself. Let’s tap into the wonderful dimension of self-love. As your own well of love begins to fill up, notice how much better you feel and how much brighter you are. This ripples out into having much more to share with the world.

The Shift!

We all have an inner critic and it’s in our best interest to learn a way to shut it down. Treat yourself just like you would a baby, with gentleness, tenderness, softness and love. Bring in encouragement and celebrate your highlights and accomplishments.

Come up with a strategy to stop the inner critic. Close a big, heavy, wooden door on it and then focus on a positive thought or two or three. Refocus your thoughts on gratitude. Come up with your own visualization to hush the inner critic. Find something that resonates and works for you.


“I increase awareness to quiet the inner critic and do acts of self-love today.”