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Are You an Ambivert?

Yes, this is a real word! It is a perfect word that describes a Highly Sensitive Person who is an extrovert, but also needs quiet, alone time – a bit like an introvert does to reconnect and recharge themselves. When you take the time to do this, then ‘Let Your Divine Shine!’

The Shift!

Give yourself space for downtime, quiet and alone time. Notice how radiant you become and how much better you interact with others and your world. Make sure you are doing this daily, not just once a week or a few times a week. It is important that you get quiet time everyday. Instead of spending 30 mins on Facebook or watching TV, turn off all outside stimuli and quietly lay on your bed or sofa. Sit in your garden, lay on Mother Earth, or go for a walk. Do anything to calm and relax the nervous system. As a Highly Sensitive Person, you need this daily.


“I nourish the ambivert in me, with a healthy balance of extrovert activities and quiet, alone time.”