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Be Okay with Uncomfortable Feelings

Sometimes we can’t move out of an uncomfortable emotion so easily, and that is okay. We are not computers where we can send the file to the trash can. We have emotions, they are meant to be felt and honored. If you are feeling sad, angry, jealous, frustrated, scared or insecure, give it awareness and really be with it – allow it the time and space that it needs to dissolve. It’s important to give ourselves permission be with what we are feeling, to love it and allow it to move at its own pace.

The Shift!

Are you really feeling ‘it’? Loss, anger, fear, anxiety, etc? Take time, and go into meditation, deeply surrender into that feeling. Feel where it is in your body? Is it in your chest, belly, head, feet? Take time to feel every corner of its presence, then gently fill it will golden light that is infused with patience, love and compassion. Imagine you are giving it a big, loving, soft hug. See if you can soften into that uncomfortable space and be ok with what is. Notice how the body feels by doing this. Just be with the feeling, it will likely fade – nothing lasts forever.


“I give myself full permission to be with these emotions, loving, honoring and accepting them.”