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See the Perfection in the Imperfection

What is behind perfectionism? Control, not being good enough, needing to be the best to ‘prove’ something, self-judgment, etc. In the eye of Spirit, all is in perfect harmony, perfect just as it is in this very moment. Society tells us that ‘perfection’ exists only in a certain way. But, we can consciously stop ‘buying into that’ story. As humans, we are beautifully flawed and naturally make mistakes. This is part of our humanness and it is perfectly okay.

The Shift!

See the perfection in the imperfection. Be soft and gentle with yourself. Be aware when and why you are being a perfectionist. Know that we ALL feel insecure, vulnerable and unsure at different times. Soften yourself towards yourself. Throw away the hat of perfectionism and notice how the body responds, how relaxing and warm it feels. You are here transforming into the best version of yourself, which is always a work in progress!


“I relax in the knowing that I am currently the best version of myself! I have nothing to prove through attempting to be perfect.”