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A Positive & Supportive Work Environment

As a Highly Sensitive Person, fluorescent lighting, toxic products and/or people, lack of natural light, too much noise or computer time, being around too many people, to name just a few, can all affect you in negative ways. They can drain your energy, put you in a bad mood, cause anxiety, decrease productivity, cause you to lose focus or become uneasy.

The Shift!

It might be time to speak up at your workplace about the lighting – suggest replacing fluorescent bulbs with full spectrum lighting, or ask to move to an area with more natural light. Place crystals or a diffuser with essential oils in your work space or begin looking for a new job that supports you better. Do whatever honors your sensitive self to make sure you can be the best version of you. The more proactive you are in the area of self-care equates to greater self-love.

Many HSPs do well working for themselves… just a thought ; )


“I am proactive in creating a supportive work environment for myself.”