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Trust the Subtle Intuitive Messages

Many people await the messages to come from their spirit team on giant billboards or like a big fireworks display. Spirit generally doesn’t work that way. They are more in line with gentle, loving, subtle and intuitive messages, which honor the free will we humans have to decide on what to do, or what not to do.

The Shift!

Awareness is key to differentiate between messages from Spirit and your mind/ego. If the messages you are receiving are harsh, judgmental, fear-based, or make you feel lessor or more superior to others, they are most likely coming from ego/mind. Ignore those thoughts and let them go by the wayside. Trust and act upon the loving, gentle messages. Spirit can be insistent for a while, constantly repeating the same message but it always comes with love and gentleness. Allow Spirit to flow through you.

One of the best ways to ‘hear’ the messages is when your mind is quiet ie: meditating, walking in nature or in the ‘almost asleep’ stage. Be especially aware during these times.


“I listen, trust and act upon my intuition.”