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Are you one who prays, but can’t hear anything in response? Maybe you are hearing, but ignore what you hear? Perhaps, your mind is so busy and hectic that you can’t hear the inner voice? It is time to slow down and tune in! Meditation is a key element for the wellbeing of a Highly Sensitive Person. Sitting down to meditate will calm and soothe the mind over time, and is an opportunity to connect with your inner guidance. Many say they don’t have enough time, or can’t quiet the mind so they get frustrated and don’t try. As the saying goes, if you are one who says ‘I can’t’, or ‘I don’t have time’, then you are one of the people who would most benefit from meditating.

The Shift!

There are many ways to meditate: through silence, guided, with music, while walking, sitting, or laying down, by repeating sacred prayers, focusing on breath or sensation, alone or while in a group. If you are a beginner, you might find guided meditations or joining a guided meditation group would be helpful in getting you on the right path. .

Here are a few suggestions to get you started or to make your current ritual more robust. Find a quiet space; light a candle and incense. Sit next to your altar or vision board to remind you what you want help manifesting into your life. Make sure you are comfortable, sitting on your sofa, chair or laying on your bed. Have your intention card with you, if you have one.

As you begin, put on your energy protection tools, clear out other people’s energy, so you are ‘clean’ and grounded as you go into your sacred space. Read or state your intentions and ask your spirit team for help, support and guidance, and see what comes.


“I am calm and connect with my spirit through regular meditation.”