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Staying Grounded is Key to Wellbeing

As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), being grounded and fully connected to mother earth is highly beneficial and even necessary for you. Many HSPs have a tendency to spend time up and out of the body. It may appear more fun there than being on earth. However it also can be an escape mechanism learned as a child to keep you feeling safe.

Here are a few examples of being ungrounded: being forgetful, missing details, lack of thoroughness, foggy head, tripping, loss of balance, to name just a few.

The Shift!

Be aware of where and when you leave your body or when you are simply ungrounded. Consciously bring yourself back. One simple way to help you stay centered and connected is to put on a grounding cord every morning.

To set your Grounding Cord:

Imagine a tube of energy as wide as your hips, attached to your first chakra (root chakra). Make it out of whatever you like: a large, tree trunk, a rainbow, waterfall, crystals or your favorite colored energy. Make your grounding cord out of anything that makes you feels connected to the earth. You can give it big, deep roots to help you feel even more grounded and secure.

We make the grounding cord hollow so that it also serves as a compost. When you become ungrounded due to an emotional upset, fear, overwhelm or the like, to get re-grounded, set your intention to release the disruptive energy down your grounding cord into the earth. You can also do a grounding activity such as: gardening, a walk in nature or a bath with sea salts.


“I am grounded in to Mother Earth. I feel her centering, supportive energy.”