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Being an Empath

What exactly does it mean to be an empath? Empaths can easily sense how others are feeling without them saying anything. With or without knowing they are doing it, empaths might absorb the energy of the people around them. If you are an empath, it is key to clear your system of other people’s energy, or else your health and wellbeing could be jeopardized. Think of your body, chakras and aura as your sacred temple which is intended to host only your energy, and nobody else’s.

The Shift!

Put on your energy protection tools every morning.(link to my resource webpage with this mediation) . Become aware of when you have taken on other energies so you can immediately release them down your grounding cord. For example, you might suddenly feel angry, irritable, anxious or annoyed when you were feeling fine the moment before. This could be the empath in you, absorbing somebody else’s energy. Do a conscious release of their energy and cut any energetic cords that may have formed. Notice how you feel afterwards. As necessary, clear out foreign energy throughout the day.

Clean out your ‘temple’ before retiring to bed by replenishing your energy protection tools. You can also take a shower or bath with epsom salts, which are great ways to release unwanted energies.


“I consciously keep my ‘temple’ clean and clear of foreign energies.”