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Many Highly Sensitive People like to spend time out in the cosmos rather than in their body. Yet, as we are spirit in human bodies, we are meant to be a bridge between heaven and earth. Being grounded is key, otherwise your bridge is like a wobbly foot bridge. Exercise is one great way to help keep you grounded or to get you grounded into your body. Imagine this – the more deeply rooted you are in your body the further you can experience the cosmos!

The Shift!

Try incorporating some sort of exercise into your daily life: yoga, swimming, tai chi, running, walking, biking and/or hikes. They all help you to be more grounded and in your body. If you already exercise, try something new that expands your physical range of abilities. The added bonus: exercise release endorphins, dopamine and serotonin, the feel good hormones.


“Through exercise, I become grounded and present.”