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Become the Observer of Yourself

Awareness is the name of the game. Let’s take your awareness to another level. You can liken your awareness to a barometer – it is constantly getting fine tuned as you practice, evolve and grow. The more awareness you have, the more you can take full responsibility for what is happening in your life and make changes appropriately.

The Shift!

Imagine another you observing from a higher perspective – throughout the day, watch how you interact with others and with yourself:

  • Are you responding consciously to a situation?
  • Are you reacting from a place of blame or victimhood?
  • Are you being particularly hard on yourself?
  • Are you ‘hearing, seeing, and receiving’ the messages coming in from your spirit team?

Take your awareness of being the observer to another level. Call yourself out where and when needed and also acknowledge yourself where you are doing well.


“Through increased awareness, I evolve and grow as a spirit, living a human life.”