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Mother Nature, the Great Healer

Mother Nature’s energy is calming, soothing and healing to everyone, but especially to the sensitive soul. Have you ever noticed how live plants and flowers bring in a special energy wherever they are placed? Or when you go to a spa and get a massage, they often have the sound of the ocean or nature sounds playing in the background? You feel so relaxed and calm, that is because Mother Nature is doing her magic! There are many studies that have proven the amazing benefits of being in nature.

The Shift!

There is nothing like fresh air, trees and mountains, sunshine on your face, or water to swin in or to just listen to. Take time everyday to be in nature. For example, go for a walk, a run, or a bike ride. Meditate as you sit under a tree. Disconnect from technology and see what nature offers you: a feather, a beautiful view, a visit by an animal, the amazing smell of flowers, the ‘silence’ of pine trees or the calming sound of the breeze, butterflies flitting by, birds chirping, and quietness of snow or pattering of rain. When you get home take notice, do you feel different, do you feel better, more relaxed, calmer or replenished?


“I spend time in Nature and allow her to nurture and heal me.”