Magical Manifestations Ceremony

The Power of Being in Ceremony

Ceremony is one of the oldest traditions of being in the community, healing, transforming and expansion.

Why is this? When we come together in ceremonial space, everyone brings their own light, energy, gifts, and spirit teams. Your bright light. Her bright light. His bright light. Our bright lights, all make an extra bright light.

With that energy, that very bright light, and our hearts, we join together to create an oh so potent vortex where magic and miracles happen.

I’ve seen it over and over and over again. It works and that is why I’m all about ceremony!

Coming together in community where there is care, safety and togetherness, you can relax into the vortex of Spirit, the creative, manifesting powers and let them do their thing!

Best part!  Ceremonial space can be created and all the magic can flow no matter where you are in the world! Once you have experienced the magical shifts during and after the ceremony, you’ll be a firm believer!!!

Energy Exchange: $39
(per attendee)

Duration: 1.5 hours

We will connect via Zoom on January 28, 2021 at 7 PM Mountain Time.

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January 28- Full Moon Ceremony: Healing Mother/Daughter Relationships

The portal of the full moon is especially potent in helping you say goodbye and release anything that has been weighing you down, keeping you stagnant.

Many of us women don’t have the best relationship with our mothers and/or daughters

~ Would you like to shift that? 

~ Would you like to forgive

~ Would you like to open the door to creating a more nourishing, honoring and loving relationship with your mother and/or daughter?

**** Your mother and/or daughter DOES NOT need to be in ceremony with us. We will be working on a spiritual level and they will receive the healing energies. This is the beauty and potency of ceremony.

It’s time for us women to come together and unite instead of being in struggle, control, power and victimhood. 

~ Let’s break free from the old paradigms

~ Let’s break the old programming.

~ Let’s break free from the limiting beliefs.

~ Let’s join our light, our hearts to bring in something lighter, brighter, and more loving for all of us.

When we come together in ceremony,  ignite our divine feminine power, we can move mountains

Join us to create that relationship with your mother and/ daughter that you have always desired.

Energy Exchange: $39
(per attendee)

Duration: 1.5 hours

We will connect via Zoom on February 11, 2021 at 7 PM Mountain Time.

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Feb. 11 -New Moon Ceremony

The New Moon = New Beginnings

The New Moon portal lends itself perfectly: ask for what you desire through intention setting. Then let the potent, ‘dark’ moon energy help bring them to fruition.

In addition to the new moon energies, when we come together in a sacred ceremony, all of our light helps to empower the magical manifestation energy of our desires, our intentions.

What do you desire?

  • Clarity on your next step
  • Know that you are worthy of receiving
  • Manifest a romantic partner
  • Land a job that suits you to the T
  • Feel inner peace and calm all day despite what is going on around you
  • Take step towards your life purpose
  • Feel unity despite distances
  • Access more of your gifts

The vortex of ceremony and all the participants being in the community, let the magical manifestations unfold. Let’s do this together!

Feb. 14 - International Cacao Ceremony

Do you like chocolate? If so, this is for you!


Chocolate is love.


For the Sake of Love, Bring on the Cacao!


Click HERE for full details about our upcoming sacred cacao ceremony with shamanic journey.

Energy Exchange: $54
(per attendee)

Duration: 3 hours

We will connect via Zoom on February 14, 2021 at 10 AM Mountain Time.

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