Magical Deep Dive

People all over the world are beginning to awaken and others who are already awake, are really accelerating on their spiritual path. This is all in alignment with the massive ascension process we are in, going from 3D to 5D, creating the new earth.

The shifts I’ve seen and witnessed are more than magical and gratifying, for example:

  • manifestation on a whole new level, creating what you desire in your life.
  • healing social anxiety and finally feeling part of a warm, welcoming community
  • healing religious programming, being free from it and able to access and align to what is true to you
  • healing the deep wound of poor self-worth and truly feeling your worthiness
  • releasing the fear of speaking up that women so often have, allowing your voice to be heard loud, clear and confidently.
  • healing deep wounds of trauma, allowing for a new level of self-love
  • dissolving the energies of anxiety and depression, to let the light shine in
  • healing the wounds of divorce or a breakup so there is full forgiveness, surrender and acceptance.
  • clearing out the fear of being judged and letting your gifts confidently bloom

I could keep going! These are just some of the areas where a Magical Deep Dive could support you.

Another part of a Magical, Deep Dive is being in the Taos vortex. It’s a powerhouse! Mother nature abounds, which is so key in our transformation and ascension process.

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