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“The two ceremonies I attended were deeply impactful and I would love to take part on a regular basis. This has been my self-care and a space to connect with spirit. My friends who attended were also moved by the experience and each in different ways. Thank you, Helen, for bringing your heart, spirit, and passion.”
~ Michelle
“My wife and I went in with no real expectations only wanting to experience it first hand, but our expectations were far beyond exceeded in completely amazing ways. In the week since the ceremony, an amazing amount of healing and knowledge has come upon us both as well as someone very dear to us coming back into our lives after a two year beak. I’m honestly amazed on what has all transpired in the week after. We will definitely be attending the next one and bringing as many people as we can. I highly recommend attending a cacao ceremony! Thank you so much Helen!”​
S Thomas Nusbaum
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September 16, 2018

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“I have attended two cacao ceremonies thus far and have come away both times with deep soul medicine. Helen has the capacity to hold group energy so lovingly and deeply. I have appreciated the multi modality approach of these ceremonies, liberating chakra work to open and clear, setting intentions with prayer and writing, shamanic journeying, group sharing and bearing witness have all contributed to extremely potent healings. The cacao feels loving and gentle, yet powerful as a guide. Looking forward to this continued community of souls seeking awareness and healing. So much love here!”
~ Kathleen
“Helen is a great powerful healer. I particularly love her cacao ceremonies they brought miracles back into my life.”
~ Laura

Our Cacao of Choice!

MAYANA is a proud ambassador of fair trade farmers in Soconusco, Mexico. Cacao originated in this region with rich biodiversity, where wild Cacao trees have been cultivated for millennia by the Maya. Creole trees produce the highest grade beans.

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Creole (Criollo) Cacao, an ancient variety -from heritage trees of Mexico- that produces “fine and flavor” beans, the highest grade beans, which are the scarcest and most highly regarded for their complex flavour and aroma. Our offering includes Origin Cacao Beans Whole (Criollo), Criollo Cacao Nibs, Criollo Cacao Liquor (Paste) and snack-sized Raw Criollo Cacao Beans.

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