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Integration Transformation

The process of integration is one that has been overlooked for too long, or missing altogether in the realm of Plant Medicine Ceremonies.

Why Integration is important
All too often, integration after a plant medicine ceremony is overlooked. It’s left out of the equation completely. If you are new to this realm, you might think it’s not necessary.
Although it may be considered optional, it truly is a MUST to reap the full benefits of your journey. This where the transformation really happens.

The many benefits and profound experiences delivered with these medicines include: healings, insights, new outlooks, new desires, new directions, release from anxiety and stress, and even guidance received to make some big changes in one’s life.

And then what? How can these experiences translate into transformative actions in our lives? 

The challenge is not only what needs to be done, but also whether it can be done alone or whether it requires participating with others in a group? 

Where do I begin?

So you ask yourself, “Where do I begin?” It’s a lot, and so it’s no surprise then to find yourself in a state of complete overwhelm. 

After the potent experiences in ceremony, you return to your daily routine, family life and work. Without a way to stay connected to the essence of ceremony, those profound experiences may slowly fade and start to feel more like a dream. Eventually it may become just one of those things that happened in your past, a distant memory.

Integration is a Must

Here we find the value in working within a group, an integration community, which helps everyone after ceremony with their healing process through shared insights and shared accountability. This sharing takes place while being held in a cozy community with others, which provides safety, unity and celebration, .. all key elements for successful integration of the plant medicine experience in a lasting way.

In these ways, the processes and structure found in Integration Coaching become vital elements of our ceremonial package. While many may consider this as optional, it truly is a MUST to reap the full benefits of your journey.

Unity in COMMUN ITY!

The Flow of Integration

Following each ceremony, there is a month of integration coaching consisting of three integration sessions. These act as a sacred bridge which allows you to navigate and assimilate the insights gained from ceremony.

At times, it requires you to roll up your sleeves, get your hands in the dirt and put in the work. Helen provides guidance, support, and wisdom to gracefully navigate the process. The participants all hold space for one another, and bring care, love, compassion, and the much needed element of togetherness. 

True integration consists of identifying and discovering ways to apply the divine wisdom and all the golden nuggets that arose during the plant medicine journey to our daily lives. 

Three live group  integration sessions

Three post ceremony integration group sessions provide the opportunity to discuss and safely share your findings as a collective unit. The mutual goals of the group consist of healing, transformation and celebration, along with the integration of these gifts into everyday life.

Beyond the three Integration Sessions, there are two additional offerings to further support the integration process:

  • Affinity Groups – small cohorts of 2-3 people from your ceremony to foster connecting more closely, and
  • Integration Platform – a digital means to stay connected with the cohort throughout the month of integration, connecting as often as you wish.

Together, in community, we rise. We fully embrace the experiences to incorporate the transformative power of the plant medicine ceremony and step into a new realm of personal growth and holistic well being, while celebrating being more connected than ever before. 

1:1 Spirit Reiki

Integration Sessions

Individualized Spirit Reiki Sessions

For more personalized and individualized support, you can also schedule 1:1 Spirit Reiki Integration sessions with Helen.  In a 1:1 session, we can dive deeper into the gems of your ceremonial journey.

Together we acknowledge and work with the divine wisdom which manifests in various forms, including inspiration and resistance.

Helen assists you to process, comprehend, heal, transform and implement divine guidance into your life. 

Shamanic Movement Sessions

Shamanic Movement Sessions

Another available option is to join shamanic movement sessions, which have proven to play a significant supporting role in the integration process. Movement, or Ecstatic Dance, is an ancient, shamanic way to fully express and embody a journey and Amanda Filipczuk, aka Vibration Maven offers 4 sessions to help anchor gifts from ceremony.

Amanda is very versed in working with plant medicines and curates Shamanic Movement journeys steeped in wisdom and themes gathered from Helen following each ceremony. Somatic integration acts as a bridge between the ceremonial experience and everyday life, infusing seemingly mundane actions with the transformative magic of the plant medicine journey to catalyze a deeper level of healing.

Intuitive Micro-dosing

Micro-dosing as part of Integration

For an additional level of integration, you can elect to join a class exploring the art of plant medicine intuitive dosing, or “micro-dosing”.  These doses allow each person to remain fully functional while maintaining the connection between your ceremonial intentions and the gifts received in ceremony, the golden nuggets.  

We know that the demands of focus and attention in everyday life can overshadow the gifts received in ceremony.  While over time, the daily routine can make the experience of ceremony fade away into a distant dream, the practice of Micro-dosing can play an important role to keep you connected and aligned with your ceremony.

Micro-dosing also helps with continual rewiring of cognitive and creative pathways which surfaced during ceremony.  In this way, healing and new awareness and new ways of thinking can become completely anchored (i.e. integrated). 

You are fully present and functional

Being fully functional means you will be able to work, to drive, to parent, to do all your normal daily activities.  Being a micro-dose means the effects are barely noticeable while working at subtle levels.

Through subtle shifts in perception and self-awareness, the medicine offers more enhanced focus, happiness, ease, flow, well-being, connection, neutrality, inspiration and more.  We gain a deeper understanding and integration of the ceremonial experience through the micro-dosing practice.

In conclusion, Integration isn’t truly optional.. it’s a must to receive the most out of your plant medicine ceremony. Community, tools, accountability, celebration, witnessing, love: together we rise.