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How can a Dreamtime healing help me?

As a healer, Reiki master/teacher, cacao priestess and spiritual alchemist, Helen helps you connect to your spirit and your highest good. She brings in the powerful, healing energy of Reiki and potent shamanic sound healing such as toning, drumming, Tibetan singing bowl, rattle, and bells. In addition, she works with your spirit guides as well as hers to channel information and messages to help you discover the magic in honoring your divine self.

Areas that typically show up:

Healing trauma from this lifetime, intergenerational and/or past lives.

Self-sabotaging cycles you can’t move past

Anxiety, depression and overwhelm

Unhealthy relationships

Lack of self-worth and loneliness

Being so sensitive, intuitive and empathic that you are completely depleted

What is a Spiritual Alchemist?

Helen uses a unique and personal style of transformative, healing modalities: Spirit Reiki, shamanic toning (sound vibration that channels through from the light beings that work with Helen), drumming, ceremonial cacao, and some other shamanic practices.

She is psychically guided by your higher self, angels, and spirit guides to channel healing energy as well as messages for you. The healing energy cleans, unblocks, and balances all the chakras and your aura. You set intentions before the healing session. They are key to accessing the magic of the healing energy and allowing your intentions/goals to come to fruition. With a new perspective and our co-creative energy, manifesting the life you desire, becomes so much easier.

Together we find solutions and understand soul lessons. We can address any issue/subject: relationships, career, family, health and life purpose to bring about healing, personal transformation and evolution of your spirit.

When your soul is really ‘seen’, it automatically comes out of hiding. We co-create a stronger connection to your intuition, creativity, vitality and sense of safety. Within the vibration of love, without judgment, fear, resentment, worry, etc., a special feeling is allowed to sprout: wanting to show the world your best dance, open up, bring out all your gifts.

Remote Healing Sessions

With our current situation, remote sessions are the way to go. It’s a wonderful way to feel better, calm the nervous system and receive healing without having to go to leave your home.

Energy isn’t contained by time or space so remote sessions are just as powerful as in-person. For example, you can’t see or explain love (which is energy in the form of emotion) but we can certainly feel and sense it no matter where the person, pet or place is in the world, right? Love can be felt anywhere in the world.

This is exactly what happens during our healing sessions too. The spirit Reiki healing energy can be sensed, felt, and integrated wherever you are in the world. It’s really quite magical.

Creating Sacred Space

Creating a sacred space for your remote spirit Reiki healing session is highly recommended. You could light a candle, create an altar, have a glass of water or tea to sip and be somewhere very comfortable where you can ideally, lay down. You can think of this as an act of self-love/care to create this sacred space.

The sessions can be very relaxing and transformative so you could come out feeling a bit spacey or floaty. Staying in your own home, not driving, or dealing with traffic after your nourishing session, is a perfect way to let the healing energy continue to do its work.

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I met Helen after talking to a friend who had been working with her. My initial goal has been trying to find a purpose as I live with the loss of my husband's death. But my journey has been so much more. By finding and speaking my intentions I am better able to focus my energy on what is important to me, and to learn to leave other issues behind. Helen's kind guidance and advice have helped me find coping strategies and a path forward that continues to evolve each time we meet. Learning to trust my intuition again , which has been pushed into a corner by a strong analytical fact-based career, is interesting, sometimes scary. But I come away from each session with Helen with new insights and tools for moving forward.

Kaye OrtenEstes Park, CO

Helen is a vibrant bright light and a gift to the healing world.

Andree ChristyBoulder, CO