How can a Dreamtime healing help me?

As a spiritual alchemist, Reiki master/teacher and spiritual teacher, Helen helps you connect to your spirit and your highest good. She brings in the powerful, healing energy of Reiki. In addition, she works with your spirit guides as well as hers to channel information and messages to help you discover the magic in honoring your divine self.

Areas that typically show up:

  • Self-sabotaging cycles you can’t move past
  • Anxiety, depression and overwhelm
  • Unhealthy relationships
  • Lack of self-worth and loneliness
  • Putting everyone else's needs first, leaving self-care/self-value to the way side
  • Being so sensitive, intuitive and empathic that you are completely depleted

Together we get solutions and understand soul lessons. We can address any issue/subject: relationships, professional, family, health and soul purpose to bring about healing, personal transformation and evolving your spirit.

When your soul is seen, it automatically comes out of hiding. We co-create a stronger connection to your intuition, creativity, vitality and sense of safety. Within the vibration of love, without judgment, fear, resentment, worry, etc., a special feeling is allowed to sprout: wanting to show the world your best dance, open up, bring out all your gifts.

What is a Spiritual Alchemist?

Helen uses a unique and personal style of transformative, healing modalities: Reiki, clairvoyance, clairaudience, communication with spirits and some shamanic practices. She is psychically guided by your energy, angels and spirit guides to channel healing energy as well as messages for you. It cleans, unblocks and balances all the chakras and your aura. Your powerful intentions are key to accessing the magic of the healing energy and allowing your intentions/goals to come to fruition. With a new perspective and our co-creative energy, manifesting the life you desire becomes that much easier.

Is a phone appointment the same as in-person appointment?

Yes! Energy knows no time or space so it works exactly as if you were right here, in person. I find that the over-the-phone session can be some of my best sessions with strong, healing energy flowing through. There is nothing to worry about: noises in the office, comfort, energy of the waiting room, etc… Plus you get to stay in the comfort of your own home.

Other Healing Services


Bach Flowers

At the end of your healing session, Helen can create a personalized Bach flower remedy to support what emerged during your session. By taking the elixir, it supports the full integration of the healing energy (and then some!)

When Helen lived in Chile, she was fortunate to do an amazing course on the Bach Flower Remedies. She finds them very supportive and helpful in her daily life to move through the challenging moments with more ease and grace.

They are homeopathic: pure ‘energy’ of 38 flowers. Each remedy corresponds to an emotion. When we take it, it helps us overcome the negative aspect of that emotion and embrace the positive. Here is a link to the official website in England if you’d like to read more about these amazing remedies. Click here.

Pet Healings/Readings

Is your pet:

•   chewing through everything in the house?

•   barking non-stop?

•   under the weather?

•   ready to cross over?

•   challenged with changes in the home?

•   jealous of your partner or baby?

•   Daily Camera writes about Dreamtime Healings for pets. Click here.

Helen offers readings/healings for you and your pet. She communicates with them to see what they need or want to feel safe, well and peaceful again.

Often our pets can be a mirror of something going on within us. They are our own personal healers, only wanting the best for us. Sometimes they ‘take on’ some of our ‘stuff’ as they try so hard to help us. Because of this, during a pet reading I find that the owners often experience a healing simultaneously. This brings about well-being and peace for everyone.

Over the phone works best so your pet stays calm and comfortable in their own home. The healing energy knows no time or space.


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