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Love Yoursel f First

Hint: You Access it through your Womb

Tip: This Makes you Magnetic!

Tuesday, February 13th

4-5 PM MST

Free event

with Julie Wood & Helen Knight 

Valentine’s Day is almost here. Our culture creates a picture of perfect love that we all try to live up to. 

But let’s get real. 

We all hold guilt, shame, resentment, and judgment of past lovers and our current partners. 

And, as women, we’re most judgmental of ourselves!

All this energy is held in your womb. 

When you have a wounded womb, you don’t love yourself first. You suppress your emotions and your divine feminine power.

When you’re denying yourself the love you deserve…

this is a call from your womb, from the voice of your feminine, to reconnect to the very root of your being and COME ALIVE.

Watch what happens – magnetism on steroids! 

Join us for a FREE Event: Love Yourself First 

February 13 at 4 PM MST

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In this event, you will…

  • listen to the voice of your womb
  • receive light language activations
  • connect to your divine feminine essence
  • allow yourself to love yourself fully
  • recognize your amazingness and magnetize your desires!

About Your Medicine Womben:

Helen Knight

Helen Knight, the founder of Dreamtime Healings, is a Medicine Womb-an, Intuitive, Reiki Master/Teacher and Healer. Helen is all about helping women de-armour their wombs and access the powerful divine feminine treasures laying dormant in there. She offers Womb Magic Healings, Plant Medicine Ceremonies, Cacao Ceremonies, Spirit Reiki and HSP/empath support. Helen is based in Taos, New Mexico & Boulder, Colorado.

Julie K Wood

Julie is a Medicine Womb-an, Reiki Master, healer and coach on a mission to support women to drop the good girl and embody their inner goddess. She leads plant medicine ceremonies, is a  VITA™ Sex, Love & Relationships coach and was a public speaking trainer for women. She helps women heal childhood & mother wounding and connect to ancestral support through Family Constellations and Womb Constellations. She lives by the Rio Grande Gorge in Taos with her husband Russ.