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Let Your Divine Shine

Limited spots, only 10

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If you are an empath or a highly sensitive person, who would like to learn to confidently love and celebrate your sensitive self, plus embrace your potent, divine feminine energy, then our Divine Shine Program is for you.

How it Works

Divine Shine program uses our 3x3x3 approach. We will meet online 3 times a month, for 3 months, using 3 formats.

Coaching Sessions with Group Healings

The first week of each month, we will connect on-line for a spiritual, energy coaching call + a group healing. We’ll discuss common stumbling blocks for the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and share tools and techniques to help you fall in love with your highly sensitive, empathic self.

Based on what comes up in our call, a group intention will be created. Then it’s time to get comfy and receive. Helen channels in the noursihing Reiki energy, intuitive messages and guidance from Spirit, sonic healing which is toning, chanting or vibration from her voice or drum to stimulate self-healing and inner guidance.

The beings of the light that channel through Helen’s voice, bring a shamanic ‘song’ that helps with the healing, transformation, and manifestation of the group intention. Energy isn’t contained by time or space so the healing energy is received wherever you are in the world.

It’s our goal to create a loving community of like-minded people to share in each other’s healing and growth process. Just watch what happens when you are being witnessed and supported in this type of sisterhood, by other beautiful light beings…your self-confidence expands. Your voices are heard. You feel nourished. You begin to thrive.

1:1 Private Healing & Coaching Sessions

The second part of this program is 1:1 Private Healing & Coaching sessions 

This is the place where you get Helen all to yourself. She works organically and very intuitively with her healing gifts to support you with whatever your desired intentions are for the session. It could be letting go of anxiety or trauma. Letting go of feeling unsafe, fear of speaking up, people-pleasing, etc. We co-create with Spirit to bring in inner peace, feeling safe in your own body, sense of self-confidence to speak up for what you need or believe in, etc. The healing, new awareness and transformation all help your intentions come to fruition.

Sacred Cacao Ceremonies with Shamanic Journeys

Sacred Cacao Ceremonies with Shamanic Journey – Oh for the Love of Chocolate, Bring on the Cacao!

This is where we get to dive deep into the cacao medicine and its healing powers. Ceremonial cacao is like a heart seed that encourages us to let self-love grow and flow.

The Aztecs and Mayans used cacao in ceremony to connect and receive guidance from their gods and goddesses. We will do the same via the shamanic journey: an interactive dream where we gain amazing insights, healing, awareness for the manifestation of our intention.

A personal and group intention will be set. Some examples might be:

  • Divine feminine power activation
  • Meet your power animal
  • Feel safe as an HSP
  • Trust yourself
  • Heal all trauma from this lifetime, intergenerational and past lives
  • Self-forgiveness and self-compassion
  • Heart healing

In the comfort of your own home, you’ll prepare your ceremonial cacao (a Dreamtime Healings Cacao Care package will be sent to you at the start of our program).

We will open our ceremony by creating sacred space, then we’ll sip our ceremonial cacao, go through a guided meditation and then experience the drumming, singing, and toning as you are lead into the shamanic journey. The cacao spirit helps you lead with love as you gain awareness, receive healing, feel shifts, transformation, and expansion around your intention.

Online Platform

We will connect on-line via Zoom, a great platform where we can all see and hear each other. (The call will be recorded in case you miss one.)

Limited spots, only 10

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This is an experiential, co-creative program.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Being Too Sensitive: Have you been told over and over again that you are too sensitive and that it isn’t ok? Or do you feel that it down right sucks being an HSP?

Isolation: Are you feeling isolated and lonely as no-one ‘gets’ you, especially as your spiritual path opens up?

Doubting Your Intuition: Do you want to actually trust and act upon your intuition rather than second-guessing or down right ignoring it?

Do you feel small, fearful of being seen, heard or of sharing your gifts? Under the patriarch, the divine feminine has had her powers and gifts shut down.

Divine Feminine Activation: Would you like to activate and become empowered by your potent, divine, feminine, creative energy?

Accessing your Intuitive Super Powers: With all the fear, hurts and pains from childhood as a sensitive one, did you completely make yourself feel numb so you had some sense of safety?

Clarity on Your Life Purpose: Are you itching to discover what your life purpose is and make a positive change in the world?

Spiritual Awakening: Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have support and guidance to help you understand and navigate this new spiritual world you are waking up into?

Quiet the Inner Critic: Is the inner critic really obnoxious, loud and judging you because you are not a certain way, aren’t perfect or don’t say the ‘right’ thing?

Being Heard Loud and Clear: Do you think things in your head but don’t voice them for fear that you’ll be judge or simply just not heard?

Are you a serial People Pleaser? Are you worried about what other people need, let them do all the deciding and you end up feeling like you are being walked on?

Healthy Boundaries: How would it feel to confidently speak up and make decisions based on your wants and needs while setting healthy boundaries with people?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Let Your Divine Shine program is just for you. As a highly sensitive person (HSP) /empath, this is a space where you are understood and not made wrong for your beautiful sensitivity.

Our time together will help you learn to fully honor your highly sensitive self…even love it… Imagine how amazing that will feel!

This is an invitation for you to be held in a cozy, intimate (max 10 women), sacred space where you will be fully supported and heard. You’ll receive guidance, encouragement and healing for your personal growth and manifestation of what you really want.

Limited spots, only 10

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Benefits of the Divine Shine program

Through the spiritual/energy coaching, group and individual Spirit Reiki healing sessions, sacred cacao ceremonies and being in a supportive, like-minded community – your heart will be bursting with more self-love and self-worth.

You’ll heal the trauma of being rejected as a highly sensitive person. You’ll learn how to really honor your sensitive self and make it one of your best assets!

You will connect with people who are like-minded, ’awakening’ and want to be with others on the same path. Our community is filled with highly sensitive and deeply intuitive people just like you – and you’ll never feel like you are the odd one out again. There is nothing like being part of your own special tribe who truly “gets” you!

It is possible to learn to listen, trust and respect your intuition and inner knowingness no matter how subtle or ‘silly’ the messages. Together we’ll explore the tools and techniques needed to sense and understand these messages and act on them with 100% trust.

Through this program, a remembering and activation will happen of the beautiful, divine, feminine, creative energy. We become a powerhouse, an unstoppable force, when we are tapped in fully to this creative energy. And when women come together in unity, in support of each other and are witnessed in their transformation…wow…manifestation on steriods! 

You will feel completely safe as you reconnect with your magical gifts and your abilities to sense the energies around you, and best of all, learn to use them for your highest good!

Through our Spirit Reiki healing sessions and our cacao ceremonies, a deep stillness is created to access your inner guidance for your life purpose. The clarity and guidance you seek becomes crystal clear. Then you get to put it into action!

By learning how to understand and use energy, you’ll be able to make sense of your spiritual expansion so that instead of fearing it, you can fully embrace the magic and beauty of it all.

The old hurts will heal and you’ll form a peace treaty with the inner critic. The result? Lots of well needed and much deserved self-love, self-worth and self-compassion!

During our sessions together, we’ll gently melt away the layers of traumas and fears that have conspired to keep you “quiet.” Just imagine comfortably speaking up and expressing your thoughts, feelings and opinions.

By fully healing those old beliefs that you need to please everyone else and that your feelings and desires are not as important as other people’s, you’ll be able stand up for yourself, saying what matters and works for you with courage, strength and grace.

Limited spots, only 10

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Program Bonus!

Unlimited on-line access to Shami Oracle Cards by Helen Knight.

Especially made for HSPs/Empaths.

The deck of 44 beautiful cards specifically gives affirmations, guidance and support for the HSP.

The Goods: What you receive when you join our Divine Shine program

3 Coaching Sessions with Group Healings

3 Private 1:1 energy coaching/healing sessions 

3 Sacred cacao ceremonies with shamanic journeys

Dreamtime Healings Cacao Care Package: includes 3 servings of ceremonial cacao and a beautiful intention card, handmade with a stunning photo taken by Helen Knight. 

Membership to our Private Facebook group; allowing you to continue to build the sense of community of sisterhood, share your breakdowns and breakthroughs and where we will be answering questions and helping the personal growth process. 

***Bonus*** –  Oracle Cards Especially Made to Support the Highly Sensitive Person, by Helen Knight

Energy Exchange $1497

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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We are 100% committed to you embracing your highly sensitive self in all aspects. You have 30 days, from the start of Let Your Divine Shine, if you feel we have not delivered on our promise, we’ll happily refund 100% of your tuition.

To be eligible for a refund, you must have participated in all three modules in the first month of the program to show us that you did indeed take action within our program. We do this because we want committed, action-taking participants in our program and in our community!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I receive the benefits of a Spirit Reiki healing session over zoom call?

Energy is not contained by time or space so it works exactly the same as if you were receiving the Spirit Reiki in person.

For example, just think of how our voices travel through a phone and can be heard by someone in elsewhere. That is energy that is in the form of sound. Spirit Reiki is a feeling energy. I am tuned in to it and what it’s doing. I share what I feel and sense. You, as a sensitive one, will most like feel and sense the healing energies too.

What if I can’t make one of the calls?

Don’t worry. The call will be recorded and you can listen/watch it at your own convenience.

What if I can’t make one of the cacao ceremonies, will I miss out on the healing energy?

No, you won’t miss out. Energy isn’t limited to time or space so even though you aren’t on the call, we will make sure you and your intentions are included in the ceremony. You can then schedule a sacred time to hold your cacao ceremony. You’ll sip the ceremonial cacao, participate as you watch/listen to the recording, receiving all the benefits of the cacao ceremony.

How can I receive the benefits of the cacao ceremony if we aren’t all in the same room?

Energy isn’t limited to time or space. Healing energies can be received and experienced without being in the same space. We will all be connected via Zoom so it will be a virtual, ceremonial space with the amazing healing energy being shared through the internet waves. It’s just like the way you talk on the phone. You aren’t physically connected via a wire…it’s energy that transmits our voices. The healing eneriges work the same way.

What if I am really shy and nervous about sharing in a group setting?

Not to worry! Everyone in our group will be highly sensitive people so we get it. We will create a very safe, welcoming space for you to express yourself when you feel ready. You are not obliged to share.

My schedule is crazy busy. How much time will I need to dedicate to this program?

We will gather 3x’s a month:

  1. Coaching and Group Healing call ~ 90mins.
  2. Private 1:1 Healing/Coaching session: 60 mins
  3. Cacao Ceremony: 2 hrs.

Total time = 4.5hrs. Consider this an act of self-care and self-love to give yourself this and receive all the gifts it will bring.

My funds are limited. I’m not sure I can afford this.

Payment plans are available. Let’s talk to find one that works for you.

I hate online programs. It’s just not the same as in person, especially with energy work.

Give this one a try. It’s different. It’s created in the divine Feminine energy: co-creative, organic, experiential – not ABC, 123 which is the old way. Energy can be felt anywhere in the world. If you look at Gregg Braden’s work or the book, The Power of 8, there are many studies proving how intention and healing energy can make huge impacts wherever it is directed.

We are in the Aquarius age now, a time where the vibration is rising, allowing us to access higher vibrations, healing modalities, visions and consciousness on a whole new level, never experienced before by humans. This program attracts awake and conscious people manifesting magical energy to make the changes we desire in our collective, sensitive, powerful group.

I’m Helen Knight, happy and proud to be a highly sensitive person, Reiki master, healer and Shamaness/Medicine Woman.

My journey started in Chile in 2004 where I received Reiki for the first time. It was life changing. It helped me alleviate the digestive and back issues I’d be suffering with for years.

Little did I know that Reiki was going to help me with a lot more beyond just healing. The more Reiki I gave and received, the wider the doors opens on my spiritual path whilst living in the Australian Outback! As a continue remembering more of my healing gifts, I also recognized I was an highly sensitive person (HSP) and discovered my life purpose as a healer!

Since 2009, I’ve been helping HSPs heal the trauma of being highly sensitive and learn to embrace it as their best gift. Please join me in this program so we can, together, bring you and your gifts out into the light to shine brightly! The world needs you now!

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